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    Best nail brands to use?

    Sparkle & Co! Gels are about $6-8 and can do the monthly subscription for a similar price. I ordered a bunch, and as a first time gel user, it was super easy since the quality of the gel was so great!
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    Queens Gambit

    Sad that topic not about series) I really enjoyed it despite knowing nothing about Chess. Great casting (from the minor character like the store clerk! to the mom), beautiful settings, and the storytelling! It all works together to quickly grab you in.
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    More ways to promote your business

    Thanks for the sugestion. Get Rich Click" by Marc Ostrofsky is by far the absolute best book I've ever read on digital marketing. Follow the topic: Instagram advertising is very effective and cheap. Tag the location as your salon and take it with the town. Put the town in the description of...
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    What will fragrance my room?

    I blend essential oils and pour them into diffusers I bought from MUJI. Most customizable and most potent smelling. Anything else is just a little too pedestrian for my taste or it doesn't fill the house with enough of a scent. Candles are another good option, Went to hallmark to get an...
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    Baby blonde creamy toner Wella Illumina

    Hi. I'm new here, and I 'm not professional . Im going to be bleaching my hair in a few weeks and I now looking for which toners to buy, I dont want white or silver, I want a cream pale blonde with a hint of rose/ash tone sof like the picture, just very subtle basically...