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    Best UV lamp for beginners

    Thank you :)
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    Best UV lamp for beginners

    Hey girls and boys, I'm looking at getting a uv lamp just to do my own nails not for clients. Can anyone recommend a decent uv lamp and gel polish? Usually I do lashes :) Thank you Charlotte
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    Did you ever have a lack of confidence in yourself?

    Thanks Rosie :) Ahh yes I completely agree, once the shields are on and I get a few lashes on I feel I can relax too! Yes I don't think anyone notices and I feel way more confident than my first few clients but I still get nervous! Yes true my teachings were with Nouveau which was great but it...
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    Did you ever have a lack of confidence in yourself?

    Hi Rosie, Thank you so much for your reply! It's kinda of nice for me to hear you've been a little nervous doing lash lifts. Are you nervous because it's just a new treatment you're doing? I'm only wondering as you have lots more experience than me :) I just do the lash lifts at the mo, I...
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    Did you ever have a lack of confidence in yourself?

    Hey girls and guys! As with a new year I'm reflecting on things. So currently I do lash lifting in my spare time (I have a day job) but I'm just wondering if it is for me. I get good results but I'm so highly critical of my work. I have regular clients but I struggle to get new clients! I...
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    Best gel for durability & non chipping or lifting

    Hey girls, I'm a lash tech but looking into further training into nails. I've been having my nails done with different nails techs but I just find my nails do not last longer than a week, they will start to chip on the tips or lift around the edges. Is this normal? I've been with ladies who...
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    Evo Bio Sculpture Gel and training

    Hey all, I have been looking into adding gel nails to the treatments I offer. I am keen to use products that hopefully are better for the client than other brands i.e evo says it's formulation is medical grade and contains vit A and E. Has anyone completed the Evo bio sculpture training...
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    Hair feathers

    Oh ok thank you! Does anyone have any ideas of best training providers?
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    Hair feathers

    Evening all! I'm looking at adding hair feathers to my services more just for fun. (My background is eye treatments not hair) And maybe to try our next year at festivals. However I want to do it properly! Is it hard to do? Can I teach myself or is there anything I really need to be aware of...
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    Lash lift and HRT

    Hey all, I have a lady who would really like a lash lift but is on HRT. I'm aware it's not a total contra indication but may effect the lift. Has anyone completed the lift on someone on this medication? Also I know the pill can affect lifts too, however I have lots of ladies on this and have...
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    I need more clients, help!

    Thank you that's really helpful! :)
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    I need more clients, help!

    Yea I was thinking of a like and share fb comp. I just worry no one will share it! I've been thinking of fb ads too :)
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    I need more clients, help!

    Morning all! I trained in lash lifting in the summer have built up some regular clients (who are also my friends!) have not been able to attract any members of the public. I have a Facebook page but have spent no money on advertising or marketing yet. I have one like from a member of the...
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    LVL Nouveau lash lift expiration of product?

    Hey all! Does anyone know if the LVL sachets in the square foil has an expiration date? I recently completed a LVL on a lady I've seen before and I just don't think they lifted quite as well. I wondered if I need to think about chucking my kit. :( Also I am still quite new to this, yo get a...
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    Selfie lights for client lash before and afters

    Hey Girls! So I'm getting there with my lash lifts, I am getting a lovely lift on my clients and I am happy with the results however my before and after images are a bit rubbish! I feel like I don't get close enough to the eye and I just don't think my images look as wow as they could. It may...
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    Recommendations for insurance

    Is there a best company to go for? Are they all around the same price? (I would only be looking at insurance for lash lifting. :) Thank you
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    Best place to buy a salon trolley?

    Hey no I didn't just a standard white trolly with three draws no locks :)
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    First ever client next week, any top tips for lash lifting?

    Hello ladies, Thank you for the advice! I'm trained on the shields. I saw my first client for her patch test yesterday and she has really hooded eyes so I'm ever more nervous now! Honestly I take my hat off to you girls it's so much harder than it looks! :)
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    Best place to buy a salon trolley?

    Thank you ladies I got one on ebay thanks to your recommendations! :)
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    Best place to buy a salon trolley?

    I am completely new to all of this and I am looking to set up and I think I could really benefit from a trolly for my lash lifting. I'm unsure of the best place to buy salon items? IIs there anything else I would need to begin with? Thank you!