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    Rachel - I'll have what she's having.

    Try this!!??
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    Difficult to perm hair!

    If the hair is very long often blotting isn't enough... In very long hair I sometimes instead of blotting pop them under dryer /climazone on minimum heat to dry out a little before neutralising... You could also preamp if you are a quick permer...
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    Wages/commission advice

    I'm fairly certain that staff with a variable income are entitled to the average of the last 12 weeks as holiday pay.. You would definitely need to check on that..
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    Chair rent whilst away

    Hahaha I'm not getting worked up... I gave my opinion and you didn't like it and so I'm defending my position .. If you don't want to be out of pocket you should look for a percentage split possibly?
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    Chair rent whilst away

    Not on the closed day or bank holidays... Or a one man band with a small salon... Sorry that's just not the way rental works..
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    Chair rent whilst away

    No shop owner doesn't pay rent if they're I'll or away.. Or Christmas Day? You have rent to pay for every day of the year !
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    Chair rent whilst away

    It's usual to pay full rent when sick or on holiday... You don't not pay your rent at home because you're on holiday!!??
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    Cutting tips

    No worries babe.. Toni and guy do some great training videos and books.. Good luck and keep practicing ;)
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    Cutting tips

    Try watching this video http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Rg7tLdYgSAE
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    Cutting tips

    Kneeling could work as long as you don't slump.. Kneeling is pretty uncomfortable.. But then I'm nearly 40 lol Could you stand and attach your doll head to something taller? I advise you so use a stool.. We as hairsressers can over extend our muscles on a daily basis.. ;) good luck with your...
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    Cutting tips

    It is always preferable when cutting to be at as close to eye level as possible.. Also when sitting we are less likely to bend into awkward positions... If the hair is washed and has been well combed through first then you only need a little tension.. If the hair has any movement your cut won't...
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    Cutting tips

    Are you bending / stopping to cut? Are you eliminating any graduation? Always pump your chair higher so you are at aye level .. Sit on a cutting stool , check that your client is sat straight without their legs crossed.. I always work with a profile parting taking small sections.. No tension...
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    Grey hair/bleached hair

    When you say "grey" hair I take it you mean "white" as I'm sure you know there is no suck thing as grey hair... Just a mixture of pigmented and white hairs.... Now to the question at hand... If you had a head of hair that was a nb of 6 with 80 % white hair and your target was say a5.35 you...
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    Sassoon abc colouring and cutting

    I have the colouring abc collection on dvd and book.. It's brilliant! Not sure you'll find them anywhere except direct. They're quite expensive...
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    Perming short/men's hair

    I'd directional wind in the direction he wants to wear it.. I'd imagine reds or red/blues would be the largest you'd get a curl from at that length...
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    Who's your beauty heroine?

    Elizabeth Arden.. She revolutionised make up and she's of cornish ancestry to boot ;)
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    Perming short/men's hair

    Are you perming the full head or just a section? What result do you want? I agree with KHS , directional is usually best on a guy...
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    No 12% or above without a licence?

    I've read through the whole document and proceeded to see whether I'd need a licence to buy 18% (where available) and got to this....... It would seem we as professionals are not "members of the public"
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    Shine line hair colour

    There is a tutorial on myhairdreasers.com if you're a member?
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    Shine line hair colour

    It can be done freehand by laying the sections flat on top of each other.. I have also seen it done using a stencil/template.. ;)