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    Making a wax only business

    My waxing therapist has had times when she did nothing but waxing and she definitely made it work
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    Good time frame to get back in to beauty

    I'm in a bit of a similar boat. I qualified in 2007 and didn't really give it long. I'm a lit older and wiser now and will hopefully have a spare room to convert once we buy a house. I'm struggle to find refresher beauty courses though?
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    Laying flat for Hollywood?

    I went to a therapist that got me in this position and it's AWFUL. My usual therapist gets me to bring my knees/legs up whilst on my back.
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    Hiya! Thanks for that! Don't currently have negligee but may now have it on the 'next to...

    Hiya! Thanks for that! Don't currently have negligee but may now have it on the 'next to purchase' list x
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    Nail colour display that you can change around

    This is what I have - same as someone above but MUCH cheaper! Nail Art Display Practice Fan-shaped Polish False Tips | eBay Came really quick and great for mobile
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    Ask the next person a question game

    Probably, but definitely wished on a wishbone and birthday candles. Usually to be happy with my fella forever, although once wished to go to Australia, which came true yey! What was your best and worst presents this year from Christmas and will you 're-gift' any of them?!
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    eBay refund??

    Believe me, it's not just dodgy buyers, sellers can be just as shifty!
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    What's with inconsiderate clients?

    I disagree. Yes there will always be people who will never rebook. But I was speaking to the woman who does my waxing just yesterday. Her recent Groupon sold 300. She has done a couple now. Each time she offers further treatments which are booked directly so the salon gets that amount in full...
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    Shellac Course - Near Nottingham? Entry requirement?

    Hey Bex, I am buying Shellac soon so if you fancy meeting up for treatment swaps next year let me know! :-) x
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    Ebay and Shellac......

    Eve Taylor are part of the Vero programme on eBay. Try buying ET skincare on there, you can't. Listings immediately get removed. I'm sure S2 and CND could do this. Although on the plus, the majority of the Shellac is overpriced, the lamp sometimes sells for double! So at least from a clients...
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    Ask the next person a question game

    You forgot to ask a question lol, distracted by the thought of the Xmas din dins?!
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    Official X Factor discussions!

    As much as I love Amelia, I don't think she will win purely because she has been in the bottom two. I think Marcus may win bur will be voting for Amelia and Little Mix. If I had to choose my winner though, Little Mix all the way. In fact Little Mix and Marcus have both escaped the bottom 2 so...
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    I'm going to propose to him! :) Any ideas girlies?

    Me three!! I wonder if LFC gave her a mic at half time?!
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    Shellac and new ideas-please help!

    Also add fingernail fixer on facebook, she has an album called Shellac combos
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    Shellac is just amazing!

    WOW!!!! I love this! This is the kind of thing I want Shellac for, there's no point spending all that time and effort doing such a beautiful finish for it to chip/smudge possibly hours later. Can't wait to see if this works with the colours above!
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    French Shellac- how do you do it?

    Sign up to the CND website, there is loads of info on Shellac and mote
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    French Shellac- how do you do it?

    On the CND website there is a step by step for Shellac and it says to do colour first so base coat is not removed if tidying up??!
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    Is this enough CND colours?

    Lol I just noticed, at first glance it looked empty down the bottom there!
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    Is this enough CND colours?

    I would say a nice rich brown is missing, and I love bright blue, but that's just me lol.
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    Flying with shellac / pots of gel

    Just a quick add that if you had taken hold luggage you would have been better with your lamp in your hand luggage and the rest in hold. Now go enjoy your holiday! x