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  1. Misswax

    Berins Wax....which is which?

    Thanks Louise, I can't wait to use the Jet Set especially now the warmer weather is here as my waxing room is southfacing:hug:
  2. Misswax

    Berins Wax....which is which?

    I have been using up my stock of another make and now am ready to use my Berins wax but I cannot remember which wax is which, I have a packet with cream beads in and on the description is 'white wax with no strips' and I have a tin with 'ease wax' on the description, I thought I had bought the...
  3. Misswax

    Acne in another country

    I am no expert but I thought acne was hormone related?
  4. Misswax

    Cookalong live

    My daughter and I cooked along on Friday and I must say it is near on impossible to keep up, we missed some ingredients out from the starter and main course despite prepping in advance we only managed to make the cheesecake complete and on time. Despite this we had great fun and the food was...
  5. Misswax

    Nail whitening polish?

    Thanks guys I will try them and see.:hug:
  6. Misswax

    Nail whitening polish?

    I read in a magazine a while ago about a blue tinted nail polish that made nails look whiter? Can body tell me any more and where I can get some? Many Thanks
  7. Misswax

    I'm good thanks. It would be good to meet up even though I am busy as I work full time and part...

    I'm good thanks. It would be good to meet up even though I am busy as I work full time and part time I do allow a little 'me' time! Suzanne
  8. Misswax

    Spray tan for redhead?

    My daughter is very pale skinned and I used 5% Tantrick and all her friends commented on how well she looked and how natural she looked. Next time I tanned her I used 8% and although she looked ok it wasn't as subtle, so it depends on what look you want.
  9. Misswax

    * geek recipes *

    This dish is so quick and easy my husband makes it quite often Salmon & Asparagus Pasta Ingredients Pasta Shells Smoked Salmon ( off cuts are cheaper ) Asparagus Mascapone Cheese Boil pasta as directions on packet. Chop asparagus into bite size pieces and boil in salted water until...
  10. Misswax

    :hug: Hi right back fellow Lincolnshire Geek! I live in Spalding do you live far away? Kind...

    :hug: Hi right back fellow Lincolnshire Geek! I live in Spalding do you live far away? Kind Regards Suzanne
  11. Misswax

    Lori Nestore is coming to the UK

    Welcome to Salon Geek Lori, I cannot wait for you to come to the UK either!! I thought I would have to come to the USA to see you in action so this is really good news.
  12. Misswax

    Allo Allo!

    Congratulations both of you, talent and hard work will always be recognised :hug:
  13. Misswax

    Lori Nestore is coming to the UK

    Count me in, I can hardly wait!!!!!:biggrin:
  14. Misswax

    please help to stop the skinning of live animals in China

    I signed the petition, I couldn't bear to watch the video the still pictures disturbed me enough. I think the way people treat animals is always indicative to the way they treat humans. People eat meat and some choose to wear fur but we must treat the animals that provide these with respect...
  15. Misswax

    Waxing mistakes

    When I first started I dreaded eyebrows but now they are my favourite, a well shaped brow changes a persons face, and they leave looking neat and well groomed.
  16. Misswax

    Sad News

    I'm so sorry to hear your sad news, I'll be thinking of you and your family.
  17. Misswax

    Happy Birthday Axiom

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDY.......ENJOY!!! :hug::hug::hug::hug::hug::hug::hug::hug::hug:
  18. Misswax

    The Price of a Cut & Finish???

    I paid £48 for a cut and blow dry last week. I'm always happy with the cut, I also get a head massage when they wash my hair, a shoulder and back rub when I go from sink to chair, a hand and arm massage during the cut and a glass of wine and nibbles. I enjoy my visit to the hairdressers...
  19. Misswax

    Tonight's Masterchef. Who watched it?

    She was brilliant, she seems a real natural. You and the rest of her family must be very proud:hug:
  20. Misswax

    Join Hugh's 'Chicken Out' Campaign!

    Went to Tesco today all the free range chickens sold out!! Hope the trend continues after the programes are forgotten. Suzanne