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  1. spraytanningguy

    Patchy tan help!

    so all's well that ends well.
  2. spraytanningguy

    Patchy tan help!

    I forgot to mention that it is more than possible that she got changed before the tan was dry and it rubbed off on her clothes
  3. spraytanningguy

    New training academy advice

    is this the thread you were looking for ?
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    Patchy tan help!

    The pictures she sends might help but there are only two posibilites, either it did not go on right or it did not stay on right. If it did not go on right then hopefully you would have picked up on that from the guide colour but Terrinew is absolutly right in that it is very easy to go onto...
  5. spraytanningguy

    Online shop advice

    I think sagepay is probably the most popular and is as easy (hard) as any to hook into woocommerce or whatever you are useing. It might be worth also putting your hair products on or even eBay useing paypal for 5% more because unless your site is super popular you will only sell from...
  6. spraytanningguy

    Clients with colds

    As an employee the sensible thing to do (for the future) would be to seek the advice of your employer (who, after all, will be paying the sick pay). Obvioulsy there is no way of proving this but I rather suspect that the client's first sneeze would have done for you and even if you had said no...
  7. spraytanningguy

    Teacher training

    As I understand it (and I might be quite wrong) with GTI courses you do use (or 'buy' if you would rather) their thoery part of the course but have some lattitude when it comes to teaching the practical aspects. VTCT courses are probably even more proscriptive but I can't see why this might...
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    Teacher training

    Obviously if you train for a brand they will know what's what. If you want to do it yourself i think the best advice is to speak to GTi
  9. spraytanningguy

    Female only services?

    I completely agree with Vic. I was not trying to suggest otherwise, never mentioned the Sexual Discrimination Act and think that having a female only salon is perfictly justifiable. My point was simply that if you are going to discriminate on the basis of sex then by definition that is sexist...
  10. spraytanningguy

    Female only services?

    Obviously how you run your salon is entirely up to you and I, for one, would not wish you to do anything that would make you feel uncomfortable. I also entirely understand that inviting unknown men into your home, even with sensible precautions such as a panic button, might well be a risk you do...
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    Moroccan Tan solutions, can they be blended?

    I have done this (with a diferent manufacturer's solutions) and it does seem to work. Obviously make sure they are well mixed.
  12. spraytanningguy

    Best products please?

    All I would say is have a look at trustpilot before making a final decision. This entry I found quite educational
  13. spraytanningguy

    Train to teach beauty/start own academy

    The Guild of beauty Therapists seem to recommend their own AET teaching qualification. (well they would, wouldn't they :) but if it does the job it seems a little cheaper than most.
  14. spraytanningguy

    Window decal for car

    For a question such as this it might be better to email them. That way you will have someting in writing that they can not go back on. That brilliant link from Haircutz shows what some of these insurance companies are like.
  15. spraytanningguy

    Connecting accounts

    When I try and connect my facebook account it says 'Facebook has detected that SalonGeek isn't useing a secure connection to transfer information. Until SalonGeek updates its securtiy settings, you wont be able to use facebook to log in to it." 'nuff said?
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    Window decal for car

    And it is not just car insurance you need to worry about. In my youth, many many years ago, I was a despatch rider in London and I was told (presumably with good reason) never to go into Hyde park with my advertising ‘bib’ on as this could be construed as using the park for commercial purposes...
  17. spraytanningguy

    Pay what you think it’s worth?

    I would not be so quick to poo poo the idea. I think if you had a £15 minimum fee people might take that as a guide price and it takes away from the idea of trusting people. No doubt there are people that will take advantage, I rather think there might be more that like being trusted and won’t...
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    How to be GDPR compliant as a new independent massage therapist?

    You are doing everything right. The essence of GDPR is that you should not keep data you don’t need or use it for purposes that it was not given for (like selling or sharing it) and you should make sure it is safe. You should not use it for marketing purposes without consent, any automatic...
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    Best way to sell a tanning business?

    There used to be a paper called Dalton’s Weekly that was in all newsagents. Nowadays I think it is all online. Just google daltons business
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    Quirky beauty salon names

    The domain name is still available.