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  1. Misswax

    Berins Wax....which is which?

    I have been using up my stock of another make and now am ready to use my Berins wax but I cannot remember which wax is which, I have a packet with cream beads in and on the description is 'white wax with no strips' and I have a tin with 'ease wax' on the description, I thought I had bought the...
  2. Misswax

    Nail whitening polish?

    I read in a magazine a while ago about a blue tinted nail polish that made nails look whiter? Can body tell me any more and where I can get some? Many Thanks
  3. Misswax

    Male Clients

    I am really upset by a call I received this morning and need to share it with you to get it off my mind. The phone rang quite early 7.15am and it was a man asking about waxing and how much it would cost, I asked the usual questions what he wanted waxing, had he been waxed before. He was a bit...