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    A little something to bring you some festive cheer!

    Brilliant well done 👍👍
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    Indian head massage advice

    I use both a comfy chair and also incorporate ihm into a facial and also a full body massage. It’s a great treatment and is easy to adapt.
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    Best skincare brand for new small salon?

    Monu very good. Not huge initial outlay
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    Does anyone still have 'normal' polish?

    Recommend OPI. Fantastic quality
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    Difficult client

    Agree with all above comments. I had a client a few years ago who made me feel inadequate and not worthy. I used to dread her coming in. Last straw for me was her contacting me on an Easter Sunday first thing in the morning. After that I made sure I was fully booked. You will feel such a relief...
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    MONU skincare products

    I have a collection of unused monu products including professional sized cleansers and hydrating masks for sale. No longer using this range. Private message me to discuss thank you
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    Professional skin care range

    Monu is very good. Don’t think it’s a huge initial outlay
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    The app

    Yes wondered if it was still valid
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    Disposable aprons

    Thanks for the advice. Much appreciated
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    Disposable aprons

    Hi everyone. Quick question can anyone recommend a brand of disposable apron to use please when we are allowed to work again. I’m a beauty therapist. Thanks in advance
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    Quiet times and what to do?

    Same as Fluffy never been approached regarding vegan products in over 20years
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    How many businesses are closing due to Coronavirus?

    I’ve closed today. Definitely the right thing to do
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    How many businesses are closing due to Coronavirus?

    Pretty bad. Had lots of cancellations which is to be expected. Not sure how things will pan out. Awful situation
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    Working in beauty salon

    Voice your concerns if you haven’t already.
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    Working in beauty salon

    No you won’t be insured. Many years ago when I first qualified I worked in a beauty salon where they did the same as you. Members of staff giving brief instructions to how to do treatment. I felt completely overwhelmed and unconfident. Needless I didn’t stay round for long. And one thing it did...
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    Client record cards

    Still using record cards
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    Product expiry?

    Contact sweet squared I’m sure they will be able to help you
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    Best eyelash/eyebrow tint brand?

    I like combinal
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    Which polish brands do you use, not gel?

    Opi is still very good. shelf life excellent. Quality polish
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    Facial bed setup?

    I use as above but with a heated under blanket too