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  1. kirsty_

    Hairdresser Wanted

    Busy salon looking for a hairdresser on a self employed basis to rent a space, must have own client base.
  2. kirsty_

    Universal contour wrap on men - HELP!!

    Hi all, i've got a man booked in for a contour wrap next saturday, really worried cause never done on a man before, done lots on women but no men. can anyone help? how is he wrapping process adapted for men? thanks geeks :)
  3. kirsty_

    Self Employed Hairdresser Wanted

    Upmarket beauty salon in Chester looking to get a hairdressing service within the salon. Looking for someone who wants to be self employed, with their own existing client base. Initial outlay would be required to set up hair stations etc however this is a fabulous opportunity to join a...
  4. kirsty_

    Why dont I tan?

    wierd question - i use sienna x on my clients and it is fab, goes a lovely colour on them but when its on me it just doesnt take. Anyone know why this might be? It goes ok on my face and chest but arms and legs just dont really change colour. using the 12% aswell......any ideas? cheers peeps x
  5. kirsty_

    Your thoughts on this offer

    hi guys, have seen a full epos system on ebay for £750 - thats for keyboard, mouse, screen, barcode scanner, till drawer, receipt printer and the salon software, Salon Advance. I questioned where its from etc and basically she said its from salon, approx 3yrs old and they no longer need as...
  6. kirsty_

    Minx at Nails Inc

    ok so i might be alone here in thinking this but i am really annoyed about all the press surrounding the launch of minx at nails inc/debenhams. all the press articles are saying there are only 3 designs available and that its exclusive to them. its been in daily mail, cosmo, to name...
  7. kirsty_

    Business Question???

    hi all, have been reading some threads on here regarding starting up a business and the first year being very hard etc. Some people are saying that most businesses run at a loss in the first year, does this mean that you dont take any money home at all? if this is the case, how do you all...
  8. kirsty_

    Business rates help in new salon

    i'm hoping someone with a business head can help me as dont seem to be getting any sense out of council or valuation office. i am looking to rent a shop that is currently a bridal dress shop so has big open retail space making the rateable value on bus rates v high. if i get the shop i would...
  9. kirsty_

    Daily Star today - Katy Perry's nails?

    Hi geeks, has anyone else seen the daily star today, katy perry is in there with oompa loompas on her nails - i'm assuming they are minx?? they look amazing!!! lol Can anyone confirm if they are minx? x
  10. kirsty_

    So annoyed with my tanning training!!

    I am so annoyed! i finally went on my spray tan training last night and i was soooo disapointed! the machine and solution are great, love these but my issue was the actual training and the trainer. I wont say who or where but just wanted some advice on what i should do? I'm not one for...
  11. kirsty_

    Nail desk wanted in North Wales/Chester area

    Hi there, I am looking to rent a nail desk/space initially for 2 or 3 days per week in the North Wales/Chester area. I am fully qualified with Creative Nails to do L&P enhancements, aswell as all types of manicures and pedicures. I have a full Minx kit with lots of the designs. I am also trained...
  12. kirsty_

    Can anyone help with skin blemishes?

    Hi skin geeks, i'm just a nail geek so hope you can help me. I am off to a wedding next week and have a lovely dress that comes just above the knee. My problem is that I get psiorsis on my legs and although they arent that bad at the moment, they leave red/brown marks of skin pigmentation which...
  13. kirsty_

    What files do you use?

    Hi all, just wanted to start a thread about the different grits we all use for our L&P nails. When a new set I always use 180 grit then down to 240. for rebalance i have been taught to use 100 down to 180 then to 240. Still quite new to all this and just read a tutorial from geeg about...
  14. kirsty_

    The Official Minx Lamp - 'The Verdict'

    OK, so i've spent 2 weeks trying to decide which lamp to buy for my minx application. scrolling through ebay and google looking for cheaper alternatives......finally a few days ago i decided enough was enough! Called sweet squared and ordered the one they have before i could change my mind...
  15. kirsty_

    postage cost just for minx?

    hi all, does anyone know how much S2 charge for postage if i am just ordering a few minx designs? i'm sure i read somewhere thats it not the usual £5.25? wanted to get an idea before i call with order. thanks xx
  16. kirsty_

    postage cost just for minx?

  17. kirsty_

    Pedicures - foot spa or bowl?

    hi everyone, just doing research at the moment as have my CND spa mani/pedi day next week. Just wondering what you all use as part of your pedicures? Electric foot spa or a large bowl with pebbles etc? What are pros and cons of each and which do you and your clients prefer? Cant wait to go...
  18. kirsty_

    Minx lamp - picture?

    hi all, does anyone have a picture of the minx lamp as not in the S2 brochure? Just wondered how big it is etc? thanks xx
  19. kirsty_

    Am I ever going to be able to do this????

    Hi geeks, Am getting so frustrated at the moment, still very new to all this but am beginning to think that maybe I am not cut out for nails. I have my final day of training 2moro with CND, but really worried that they are going to tell me I am rubbish. I am happy with prep and tipping...
  20. kirsty_

    So Annoyed!!!!

    I have been bidding on ebay for over a week on the most fab nail desk for my new home salon. I was over the moon earlier when I realised I had won it! All week I have been planning the colours, where I'll put everything only for the ebayer to tell me she was supposed to cancel the auction...