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  1. kirstys beauty

    EzFlow Trudip

    Does anyone use this system? How do you find it? How does it compare with shellac? Any other info greatly appreciated? Thanks Kirsty
  2. kirstys beauty

    Reiki and depression

    Hi just after some advice we have just found out my grandad has a tumour on the brain, my Nan suffers with depression and she has gone into a really bad session, if I did reiki could it help with her depression as my grandad really needs her, and she has stopped visiting him and has taken to...
  3. kirstys beauty

    Rubber tube in spray gun?

    Can someone tell me if I can buy a new rubber tube as mine has gone a bit funny or do I have to buy a whole new gun? Thanks Kirsty
  4. kirstys beauty

    Self employed or employed

    Hi all just after some advice I currently have my own little salon. However I am looking to move as my current landlady is unbearable. I looked at a place yesterday where I would be going into a salon working along side another girl who does nails on a self employed basis, she has given me a...
  5. kirstys beauty

    Chemotherapy and eyelash extensions

    Hi Just after some advice I have a lady that has tarted to come to me for waxing. However she is now talking about eyelash extensions for her holiday but has just finished chemotherapy and her hair is just growing back, what are the proto calls with eyelashes extension and chemotherapy? Please...
  6. kirstys beauty

    Ear candles

    Hi just after some advice just received this message from a client. "Hi Kirsty I had to go to the doctors to have my ears sirynged and they have advised me not to have any more ear candles so I will have to cancel the 2 appointments I have booked really sorry to mess you about Lin x" so asked...
  7. kirstys beauty

    Thai massage

    Hi all Have had a search but not come up with anything does anyone do Thai massage as I would like to learn it, also can anyone recommend anywhere that teaches it? If you do do Thai massage do you get much call for it and is it a nice massage to give and receive? Thanks Kirsty "We put the...
  8. kirstys beauty

    Eyelash extension help

    I did a new set of lashes on a client on Tuesday so 8 days ago and for some reason they don't stay on her a week. I have done all my prep as I was taught but they just won't stay I have tried change the glue, I don't know what could of changed as the first couple of sets stayed on and I just...
  9. kirstys beauty

    Nail condition advice

    Hi geeks I had a client in earlier who is having trouble with her big toes nails, she has been to the doctors and they have ruled out fungal infection, does any one have any idea what these could be Also any reason why they are so red under the white of her nail, as it's getting to summer and...
  10. kirstys beauty

    Jessica critical care

    Hi Can someone tell me how to use( do you keep reapplying if so how often etc) Jessica critical care. As my mum is trying to use up her excess products she has. Kirsty
  11. kirstys beauty

    Price increase

    Hi Just after a bit of advice I have had my salon for 5 years in August am just updating my price list and wondering if a 10% price Increase is ok or not? This will be my first increase, I will be giving my clients plenty of notice beforehand. What are your thought on this? Kirsty
  12. kirstys beauty

    Reaction to hair dye

    Popping over from skin geeks. Just wondering if you can help a friend of mine, she has her hair highlighted with foils but has developed a reaction where her eyes swell and her neck starts to itch(she has be come allergic since having her second child) She has ruled everything else out. However...
  13. kirstys beauty

    Reaction to hair dye

  14. kirstys beauty

    Shellac kit for sale-facebook

    Hi Geeks Really don't know what to do as a good friend of mine is selling her Shellac kit on facebook through a selling page. It makes me really mad as we all know it is for professionals only. I don't know if I could report her to Sweet squared as she would know it was me who has done it...
  15. kirstys beauty

    Shellac help

    Hi geeks Just a quick question. I get my shellac redone every two weeks in a local salon, but recently they have started soaking my nails in acetone to remove the shellac, they don't leave them in for 10 mins luckily (but they never left them in the wrap for 10 mins either) but that really...
  16. kirstys beauty

    Best way to decant wax?

    Hi geeks Can someone tell me what the best way to decant PR ocean cristal wax from the tin to a hive 1000cc wax pot is. Have read through the threads and someone said about balancing the tin of wax on top took her 4 hours. Thanks Kirsty
  17. kirstys beauty

    Facebook vouchers

    Hi geeks I had a call on Friday from a company call freestart plc about Facebook vouchers, but was just going into treatment so had to cut the guy short. He emailed me all the details over which look fab it is £50+vat for as many vouchers as you want to do for a year, and you get every penny...
  18. kirstys beauty

    Scar tissue and massage

    Hi Geeks Just after some advice can you massage over scar tissue to break it up as a friend has asked me, but not sure what type of massage to do over it, or if you can. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Kirsty
  19. kirstys beauty

    Skin peel

    Evening geeks Just wondered if someone could help me, I have a client who wants to know if a skin peel would help with pitting and scarring caused by acne. As it is not something i do i know nothing about it but said i would try and find out. Kirsty
  20. kirstys beauty

    Callus peel

    Hi geeks If I do a pedicure and already use a corn and callous knife to remove hard skin, is there any way I could use the callous peel and charge extra as this would do the same thing? Kirsty