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  1. milkshakerrr

    Cuticle Remover/Cuticle Away + Heat?

    Hey all, Does anyone know if it's appropriate to use warm mittens after applying CND Cuticle Remover/Cuticle Away and before doing the cuticle work? I read in a previous thread that the heat isn't necessary but my facilitate its work, but I'm not sure if that was in regard to CR or Cuticle...
  2. milkshakerrr

    Question for UK Techs!

    Hello fellow nail geeks! So sorry to have my first post asking for so much, but I have some questions for Nail Techs who have practiced in the UK. I am a licensed Nail Tech of 1.5 years in Colorado. (Just in case, In most states in the US, you have to be licensed by the State in order to...