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  1. deanosnana

    New set or infills?

    Personally, if my client asked for a new set, I would do it. You could ask why she wants a new set and see her reasoning for the request. HTH! :)
  2. deanosnana

    Mobile nail table?

    Hi, I have this table. I bought it at Sally's years ago. The manufacturer is Kayline. Good luck.
  3. deanosnana

    Thank you, Noodle! XOXOXO

    Thank you, Noodle! XOXOXO
  4. deanosnana

    Cancellation charge?

    My own personal opinion is; if she's a good customer and it's her first time cancelling last minute, I wouldn't charge at all. All further last minute cancellations, I would charge half.
  5. deanosnana

    Best coffee machines?

    Hi, have you thought about a Keurig? They have coffee, hot chocolate, tea and hot cider pods that can be used with their machines. I have one and love it. :)
  6. deanosnana

    What are you charging to remove CND Shellac Luxe?

    Personally, I wouldn't charge for removal if the client had the SL done by you and is having it done, again. I would only charge for removal if it's a stand alone service. I can't wait to try the Shellac Luxe. It looks fab.
  7. deanosnana

    Shellac Luxe - new innovation from CND

    Thank you for your reply. I am so excited to try this! :)
  8. deanosnana

    Shellac Luxe - new innovation from CND

    Am excited about this product. Can the CND UV lamp be used with Shellac Luxe or does it cure in the CND LED lamp, only? Thank you! :)
  9. deanosnana

    New starter, I'm pretty annoyed!

    Hi, I would move on and hire someone else. Someone who will adhere to the pay and the hours/days. Best of luck! :)
  10. deanosnana

    4th offense unlicensed?

    I would do a google search and see if you can find out that way. :)
  11. deanosnana

    Tweezerman nippers 1/4 or 1/2 jaw?

    Hi Leanne! I LOVE the Tweezerman nippers. I prefer the 1/4 jaw to the 1/2 jaw. The 1/4 jaw is smaller and for me, easier to use. HTH! :)
  12. deanosnana

    Getting wax out of clothing?

    Depending on the material of the clothing, you can take place the item between two pieces of brown paper bag, then iron it. It works really well but be sure your garment can be ironed. :)
  13. deanosnana

    Green stuff on acrylic brush!

    You could store the case with the bristles facing down. That may help. :)
  14. deanosnana

    Green stuff on acrylic brush!

    How do you store your brushes? I would store them bristles down but not touching anything. That way, if there is any monomer left, it won't drift back up into the ferrule. :)
  15. deanosnana

    Thick yellow toenails?

    Hi, I would have him visit the doctor first to determine the health of his nails. Then, go from there.
  16. deanosnana


    Hi Elise, welcome to Salon Geek! :)
  17. deanosnana

    Shellac tips needed

    When telling clients how long Shellac lasts, I advise the it can last up to two weeks. Of course, much depends on the client. I advise using Solar Oil daily and wearing gloves when doing housework, gardening or anything that can negatively impact a manicure. When you say the sides of the...
  18. deanosnana

    Mobile manicure table?

    Hi, I have one similar to this and I really like it.
  19. deanosnana

    Which clean up brush?

    I've had better luck with an orange wood stick for cuticle clean up.
  20. deanosnana

    Gel nails do not stick

    Are you a nail professional or have you had any training?