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  1. Trinity

    Complete newbie, things you wish you'd known when starting out?

    I saw it in November when they launched it in the States on a Black Friday deal. It's a clever bit of kit, so much easier than the hefty compressor I've got lurking in the cupboard. I suspect it will be popular for a while, like the original airbrushing phase a few years back but it won't be...
  2. Trinity

    Complete newbie, things you wish you'd known when starting out?

    That's alright Ciderella, it was a little tongue in cheek anyway ;) I do use some nail art stuff, glitter is obviously very popular but probably only 10% of the nail art stuff I've purchased over the years - dried flowers anyone? Fimo canes? Airbrushing kit (yes I know it's getting popular...
  3. Trinity

    Pain in the backside boss or damn right?

    A bit of both. You know its quiet, so she's not wrong to ask you guys to brainstorm new ideas, at least she's involving you in the situation, its a way of including you in the running of the business. Lets be honest the high street is dying on its feet, keeping a business running is really not...
  4. Trinity

    Rubber gel base coat

    I'm guessing you're referring to The Gel Bottle brand base coat? You would be better sticking within one brand for a total system. They are designed to work together. Mixing and matching can cause issues
  5. Trinity

    Gel nail brands and lamp

    Nope, check out the pinned post at the tip of the Nails forum for all the technical facts about lamps and products. Thank your Aunt for her kind attempt to help but return the lamp for a refund and use the money later towards the complete professional system you choose to use after training.
  6. Trinity

    Protein Bond under Shellac - do you charge extra?

    I don't charge extra but it's only used on clients who struggle to keep Gel Polish on for the expected time frame, so they are not necessarily getting longer, they're just getting the same as my 'normal' clients (approx 14 days). I wouldn't be using it on everyone, it's a problem fixer not...
  7. Trinity

    Complete newbie, things you wish you'd known when starting out?

    Don't buy all the nail art pretties :oops: Yes they are pretty, no clients won't pay extra for them, yes they're pretty, no you won't make any extra money, yes they are pretty!! ;) but no! Concentrate on well structured, well shaped, no lifting nails that last, that's what clients ultimately...
  8. Trinity

    Acrylic & gel infills

    It was common advice and practise when I first trained 15+:years ago, it was mostly because in those days the products were not as well uv stabilised and would discolour as they aged so you would see yellow, old looking product at the tip and slightly less yellowed from previous rebalance and...
  9. Trinity

    Search facility

    Try 'SNS dipping'
  10. Trinity

    Do you say something when you see genital warts on clients?

    I'm not a waxer vut a quick Google shows STIs are a contraindication so no treatment should be taking place, and referral required, you'd obviously have to tell the client why you could not perform the service
  11. Trinity


    Use the search facility for the word 'dipping' and you'll find hundreds of posts about SNS Kiara and other dipping systems
  12. Trinity

    Is it possible to overcure Gelish?

    I've was taught you can't over cure gel polish but our resident clever geek Bob Sweden says different, and I trust his knowledge BUT i doubt curing twice in the correctly branded lamp is unlikely to be a problem occasionally. I've certainly lost track of curing routine on occasion and double...
  13. Trinity

    Considering Gel X

    'Gel' is a type of 'acrylic' which is a plastic - it's marketing bullshit
  14. Trinity

    Considering Gel X

    So what do they say they are made of?
  15. Trinity

    Considering Gel X

    I've just checked out Sarah's review of them too. She's fairly honest with her reviews. She says in her write up that they'd be good for DIYers, and lots of the comments say they are like 'full cover glue on tips'
  16. Trinity

    Considering Gel X

    Yes they are, all nail extensions tips are made of plastic no matter what brand you use. I skipped through the first half of this video to see the process
  17. Trinity

    OPI gel polish lifting

    That's free edge lifting, unless it started at the side, I can't tell from the photo. Product is on the skin on the ring finger, if you did the same thing on the finger that has lifted that will be why. I can'tsee clearly but I think its the same on the pinkie
  18. Trinity

    Considering Gel X

    No I wouldn't waste the money on it, its full coverage tips and glue, clients can buy those in Primark for a £1
  19. Trinity

    OPI gel polish lifting

    I would imagine the product was touching the skin and has lifted. Impossible to tell without seeing a picture but most likely with newbies, and sidewall flooding using too much product or not turning the finger properly to apply. With regards to curing, follow the manufacturers instructions...
  20. Trinity

    Considering Gel X

    It's glorified 'stick ons' - nope. No structure, no strength apex, they're just using LED/UV gel as glue for full coverage nail tips.