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    Extension suppliers

    we are human hair extensions factory, produce the highest quality human hair extensions for hair salons and beauty store, double drawn and single drawn, such as tape in hair extensions, keratin hair extensions, clip in hair extensions, hand tied weft, machine weft, nano ring hair extensions.
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    Hair extensions suppliers

    order from the factory will not cost much, the highest quality hair extensions price higher than the normal quality, everyone knows that, maybe you can discuss with me, we are human hair factory
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    Best place for tapes?

    so what's the quantity you usually order?
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    Best place for tapes?

    you want personal use? or have a salon? hope you can try our hair extensions, sample order available, inbox for more information.
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    Routes hair extensions

    anyone want to try our hair extensions? The hair extensions factory, supply to many hair extensions salons,
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    26 inch tape in extensions?

    Hi, what's the color do you want? maybe I can check our stock list, and what's the quantity do you want?
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    Help hair extensions

    You can practice many times on doll head or Mannequin head, Practice makes perfect, later you can do a promotion, like no service fee, or have a discount, then clients will go your area to try,
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    Salon hair extensions brands

    there are so many hair extensions wholesalers in the market, you can search via google or your local search, also have many hair extensions factory, depend on the quality you want.
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    Tape extension remover

    Sorry, I can not help you this, we can not ship liquid products by air, so maybe others can see your questions and help you,
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    Tape in hair extensions course

    You are an enthusiastic person, like help others :)
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    Tape weft

    Thank you, yes, click my username, will see more information about our factory,
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    Trainee hair extensionist

    It will depend on your clients request, if your clients don't care about the certificate, then you don't need to an external course, but if some clients care about that, you need to an external course, I think the better way is to have a certificate, when you have the certificate, clients will...
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    Hair extension tapes!

    you need to test some remover which is suit for your tapes, we also have remover, but cannot ship by air,
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    Tape weft

    Hi, maybe you can try ours, we have different hair length you can choose, also have many fashion color you can choose, also can produce according to your own color ring, inbox me, thank you
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    Advice on hair extensions suppliers

    It is very important to find the best hair extensions suppliers, need to do more research and test it, you buy hair from your local wholesaler, the price not very competitive, and if have some problems or questions, they can not solve at once, they need to ask their supplier, the factory, So...
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    Clients losing extensions?

    I agree with you, everyone is different, and they have different hair, oil, habit, brushing or shower, so don't worry about it, just explain it to your clients is OK.
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    Weft cotton

    you can test it on the Mannequin head for many times, and tight the micro ring stronger,
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    Where to start?

    you can begin from the basic, just like practice, practice, you can go to customers home or they can go to your home, later when you have much experience, you can open a salon.