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    Where do I start?

    Oh dear. That is a good idea. Sorry to hear that x
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    SPMU disaster, please help

    I have washed my face morn and night I've just not used any scrubs on them my brows are fine btw. I was given no aftercare advice other than keep putting the aftercare on at first. I want to train in SPMU so went to a private beauty school whilst college mates had them done at college, I see...
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    SPMU disaster, please help

    Are they tattooed or microbladed? They look exactly like mine after blading and they cover with pigment you wash off after an hour. This is super dark the next day but within a week is perfect, obviously as you shouldn't wash them they pigment will stick in the hair and skin for the first week.
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    Training advice

    Google, plenty of training places and private beauty schools. I was debating between a beauty school and staying on ( I’m level 2 now), see if there is one nearby pricing wasn’t much different Finance/student loan is often available too x
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    Teal unit/portable sink or plumb in?

    Thank you. I was told to get a private / contract company for the trade. I may go for plumbed in dependant on which room (my office or garage) I end up in. Thanks! Lou
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    Your favourite classic lash training brand?

    Hello, Me again. I am booking myself some college courses as i'm there anyway but I would rather do better quality ones where I can. The college offers a fabulash course but I couldn't see anything when I searched the threads so I was thinking of maybe flirties, lash perfect, nouveau or...
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    Where do I start?

    I may be wrong but you cant just do that, you need your previous levels first spmu is level 4 I think.
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    In-home salon

    Go on your council site
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    Lashes from home

    Can anyone compare the neewer (as above) to the glamcor I’m debating between both?
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    Teal unit/portable sink or plumb in?

    Hi all. I have just spoken to the council regarding me working from our converted garage, i'll be doing the basics to start waxing, etc no spmu etc and was advised that I need a sink in the room, she suggested a teal unit (portable sink ) or plumb one in. I have no issue if I need it I need it...
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    Level 3 or units & courses

    Thanks so much for the reply. I think I may stay on, I have weighed up the costs etc and like you say it’s getting the clients and hours in. I think I have decided to do my level 3 and I’m going to do as many courses as I can in and out of college to really make use of my time. Thank you again I...
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    Help with qualifications

    I’m at college doing l2, really enjoying it but the younger ones can be annoying when you are there to learn. It’s also disorganised etc but you get the time to practice and I really enjoy my groups.
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    Do you say something when you see genital warts on clients?

    I was strongly contemplating doing the training until I read this thread. Sti’s are one thing but I’m not sure if I could stomach scrubadubs experience haha.
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    Need a new gel system, help!

    If you are liquidating etc you can’t say anything.
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    Do you say something when you see genital warts on clients?

    I’d say to go to the gp. It could lead to cancer so it’s worth saying, if I had them I wouldn’t be whipping my bits out I’d be mortified (to let someone see) so I assume they don’t realise.
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    Level 3 or units & courses

    Oh wow thanks for that. I've arranged a meeting with the college course leader next week so I will have a good chat with her. Is is just little courses you have needed to do eg russian lashes dutchess or is it that's pretty much equivalent to a salon service where you needed to train in a full...
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    Level 3 or units & courses

    Thanks for your input [emoji4] Anyone else?
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    Level 3 or units & courses

    Hello, Looking for insight please. I’m doing my level 2 and can’t decide my next route. I can stay in at college and do a full year of level 3 or do A&P plus unit b14 facial electrotherapy. I intend on doing microblading, Spmu, and I’m keen on the non surgical facelift side although the woman...
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    Are spray tans dying out?

    I was at college yesterday and one of the young girls and one of the older girls (34) were both saying about beds [emoji30]. I don’t know but I’m horrified people still use beds!
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    Conquering gel allergies?

    Interesting Alison I oil paint using the blues and that’s days on end of minute detail, might try black next!