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    Help with choosing a pedicure spa that's heated too please

    Hi PicklePie, I have the Footsie Bath and asked Louella Belle the question of whether the liners were recyclable or not as I was aware I'd be using a lot, and they are which is great! :)
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    Which gel brand to choose?

    I'm loving Artistic Colour Gloss! Such a gorgeous range of colours to choose from, applies like a dream and clients are getting 3+ weeks of wear.
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    Best dip systems?

    I personally am loving the Artistic Perfect Dip (powder)! There's over 40 colours to choose from (glitters, metallics, crèmes) and clients have been getting 14+ days wear from them. There's no smell to them so it's not unpleasant for clients to sit through the manicure and you get a real vivid...
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    Gel brands, what do you recommend

    I love Artistic, never had an issue with chipping, I do find that capping the nail is the key. I always start with capping the nail and then applying the colour to the rest of the nail. I always work with thin layers with Artistic as you get a better result in my experience.