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  1. Alison Pilkington-Child

    BCI/LCN, what’s going on?

    That’s reasonable. It would be a hard demand to gauge as many purchasers are podiatrists rather than nail techs. There is no other uk supplier and nobody providing training for the technique now either. Possibly another income stream?
  2. Alison Pilkington-Child

    Gel polish qualification query

    Perhaps you should contact the awarding body. They would probably want to know if they are legitimising a sub standard training provider. You might get the chance of re taking your units with someone else.
  3. Alison Pilkington-Child

    Gel polish qualification query

    It’s a shame you weren’t helped to complete your full course. It’s quite expensive. Pretty awful student support from your training provider.
  4. Alison Pilkington-Child

    BCI/LCN, what’s going on?

    Would you take on the Wilde Pedique Silver Plus range too?
  5. Alison Pilkington-Child

    Gel polish qualification query

    Gel polish involves a dry manicure as part of the prep. A manicure involves wet cuticle work, massage, exfoliation etc. If you are only doing dry cuticle prep followed by a gel polish then you are good to go if you hold that certificate. If you are offering a full mani then you will need to...
  6. Alison Pilkington-Child

    Employment contracts

    You don't need a solicitor to validate an employment contract. Go to your local Citizens Advice and they will be able to help you out.
  7. Alison Pilkington-Child

    Need a new gel system, help!

    Totally, and sometimes you don’t get much, if any warning yourself, depending on the circumstances.
  8. Alison Pilkington-Child

    BCI/LCN, what’s going on?

    From what I can tell I don't think they had much warning themselves. [emoji53]
  9. Alison Pilkington-Child

    E-File queries

    I think the key is to relax a little and to try not to get stressed over the theory. The best method for getting comfortable with using an efile is to pay close attention to what you can feel. Set up some tips with acrylic and work on them first. Experiment with how much pressure and speed you...
  10. Alison Pilkington-Child

    Need a new gel system, help!

    There was rumour that a new UK supplier would be in place early this year but I've not heard anything more so far. I'm quite surprised that it hasn't been snapped up by another distributor, it's a very good product.
  11. Alison Pilkington-Child

    Senior foot care

    I'm not sure there is an easy answer to this. My sister has just given up her podiatry business and retired as her back is just too painful now and she had purpose built gear designed to minimise back strain. On the other hand I just met a lady who is a mobile podiatrist who's still going...
  12. Alison Pilkington-Child

    Conquering gel allergies?

    Hi Alysha, tattoo artists use standard nitrile gloves in black. I once asked mine why tattooists always wear black gloves and his answer was fascinating. For doing artwork and fine detail black gloves allow they eye to focus better on the work and reduce eye strain. According to him the black...
  13. Alison Pilkington-Child

    Price increase?

    I think knowing your local average prices is a good start and I would just be straight with existing clients and tell them your current prices are not making you any income after costs. Good customers would not want their favourite nail tech packing up on them. [emoji6] Interesting point about...
  14. Alison Pilkington-Child

    Level 3 nail tech

    Lol, it sounds confusing! CFBS is giving you examples of VOCATIONAL qualifications. They generally take longer to complete, cover a whole range of related topics and are universally recognised in the industry by all brands, insurers and employers. This is what I went for so I get to fast track...
  15. Alison Pilkington-Child

    Microblading healing process, is this normal?

    Mine went like that too but nothing came back. At the top up appointment I went for a slightly darker shade hoping for a fix. The therapist block shaded it instead of doing fine single strokes. I hate the results. The pigment is too strong and I can see silvery scar tissue laying over it...
  16. Alison Pilkington-Child

    Pure Nails acrylic reviews please

    Can’t you buy online directly?
  17. Alison Pilkington-Child

    Pure Nails acrylic reviews please

    They have a very inexpensive sample kit you could try. I have one but haven't got around to playing with it yet, it's on my list of things to do!
  18. Alison Pilkington-Child

    Level 3 nail tech

    I did level 2 VTCT and looked through the contents of the level 3 but decided against it as it seemed to cover pretty much the same ground... More of the same so to speak. Both take a good few weeks to complete and both have practical and written exams. I wanted a VTCT or NVQ because it's a...
  19. Alison Pilkington-Child

    Staff working outside of employed hours - please help

    Two good responses, why not use both. Use the appraisal as a basis for solidifying their employment with a contract. There is usually a three month probation period before contracts are offered to employees anyway and if you have employed them for longer they really ought to have one. With a...
  20. Alison Pilkington-Child

    Kiara Sky tip and dip issues

    I used a different system that threatened the same issues. The trick seems to be that you need to get a thin coat of goo on really quickly and evenly, then dip thoroughly in one hit. Building up thin layers. To be honest I couldn’t be doing with having to clean brushes continuously. I switched...