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    room wanted

    i am a qualified and fully insured beauty nail therapist i also do reiki i am looking for room to rent in or around northampton i have all my own products,please view web-site for details of treatments offered.or e-mail me or call sheree on 07763065618 thank youHome -...
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    reiki chakra healing

    Sheree's Basic Beauty CASE STUDIES NEEDED I am training in Reiki and chakra healing and need case studies.....if you are interested in jioning me alone my journey please inbox me or e-mail or call me 07763065618 please leave name contact details and brief message,
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    hi anyone on here know of a good accountant northampton area please :eek:
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    spa uniforms

    hi can anyone suggest a goos site for spa uniforms/tunics i have looked on all the usally one but not founf what im looking for i dont want the usally beauty uniform but something more holistic if that makes sense
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    Waxing times & price ?

    hi i had an asian lady today who had a full arm underarm,full leg and bikini ( but was more like a brazilian, which i had never done before) and upperlip, she had not waxed or anything in over 2ths so you can imagine what i was up against plus stoppong and startin as she had a 2 mth old bady...
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    vista print web-site

    who uses vista print web site how does it work for you
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    age does matter

    beginning to think age does matter i have been mobile for severl years but have just taken on a room 2 days a week but cant get any new clients and my usual ones wont come to the room as they still like me being mobile and able to vist them ive tried all free ads leaflet drops i have a web-site...
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    how long should it take to do full leg bikini line chin lip and eyebrow
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    which is best to advertise in yell or thomsons
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    Web-site change

    how do i change name and domain on exsisting web-site or does anyone know who i can get to do this for me thanks
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    hi yes i know another web-site question....well not really a question i have read all the threads on getting my we-site on google but its all blah blah blah to me could someone recommend someone to do it for me, thank you :eek:
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    Looking for work, Northampton (hair and/or nails)

    i am a qualified nail and hair tech looking for working doing any off the following manicures pedicures (including spa manicures and pedicures ) nail enhancements, hair extensions & hair dressing would consider renting room. please pm me. thank you
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    Micro Ring Wefts

    hi all can anyone suggest where i can purchase micro ring wefts from thanks
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    i saw the advert in this months scracth mag for free conversion courses anywhere in the uk so i e-mailed ezflow only to be told they not doing them in northampton false advertising or what anyway i wanted to complain to scrath mag but cant get on thier web site any ideas anyone
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    3d acrylic nail mould

    has anyone seen 3d acrylic nail mould i recieved an e-mail this morn with a pic of them i would up load pic but dont know how sorry they make 3d flowers to then be applied to the nail
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    french manicure

    hi a client has asked me for a softer white on her natural french polish which colour polish should i use i dont do many nat french polishes so im not sure what colour to use
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    i know this is nothing nail related but i am desperate to find my brother who i have not seen in many years anyone know who i go about looking for him i would really appreciate your help
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    looking for work

    hi i am a mature qualified nvq level 2 hairdresser looking for part time work i am flexable with what hours i can work quick and willing to learn love doing perms ( i am also cnd trained in nails and have various qualifacations in beauty) would really love someone out there to give me an...
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    new business

    hi i am buying a small new salon which has its own staff whch i have to take on i dont know the first thing about how to do wages can anyone point me in the right direction as to how i do this can my accountant do it or can i do it myself who do i need thanks in advance for your help
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    elite pro

    hi i have just done a make up course and wondered if anyone has used elite pro make up and what they thought of it