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  1. Hannah1984

    What do you think of my price list?

    I'm sorry to post this on here, but I really want to check my prices before putting them into print! I have looked at other mobile therapists and salons in my area to get a guide. Waxing - 1/2 Leg £12.00 Full leg £17.00 Full leg & bikini £20.00 1/2 leg & bikini £17.00 Bikini (sides)...
  2. Hannah1984

    Anybody use this mobile nail station?

    Sally Express | Manicure Seat I'm trying to find a suitable nail station for me to do mobile manicures on. I'm not sure on this one though, so would like any feedback if you use it or any others you use. Thanks :hug:
  3. Hannah1984

    Advice on mobile beauty therapist - equipment needed and facial range

    I am now looking to start going mobile part time whilst I complete my NVQ3. I already have a portable bed and my own wax pot. I was just wondering if other mobile therapists have their own mobile manicure station and stool? I have seen some on the Sallys site and they look quite good. Or do...
  4. Hannah1984

    Update on my modern apprenticeship for next year

    See my journal entry - Quite peeved
  5. Hannah1984

    Question for Beauty Salon Owners ref Modern Apprenticeships

    I am currently doing NVQ 2 Beauty therapy and I am going to go on to NVQ3 but do it as a modern apprenticeship. I am not currently working in a salon, so I am looking for some advice about applying to salons. All of my work experience has been in retail, as general assistants and some...
  6. Hannah1984

    Waxing bookings

    In commercial salon today my client was a lady booked in for a eyebrow show, upper lip wax, bikini wax and full leg wax. It took me just over 2 hours, I got so hot and because I thought I was taking way too long I started to rush towards the end. Her hair was very thick in places and the...
  7. Hannah1984

    Charging whilst training

    Hi, I am training in NVQ 2 Beauty Therapy. We have covered all of the treatments apart from make up and the commercial salon at college has opened up and we are having clients in on both days that we are there. I have brought my own portable treatment bed and waxing pot and products, I have...
  8. Hannah1984

    Manicure advice please

    I am completing my manicure and pedicure assignment for college. I have done my first clients manicure today, her nails were of varied length. She didnt want the longer ones cut to match the shorter ones, so I just tiedied the shape up. Finished with a french manicure and as you can see from the...
  9. Hannah1984

    Recommendations for portable couch please.

    I am looking to buy a portable light-weight beauty couch. Does anyone have any recommendations?
  10. Hannah1984

    Help with stains in tunic

    I have a white tunic for my college course. I have noticed stains on the back which I think is from massage cream when I had a facial massage done (which includes shoulders) and it wasn't all removed when I put tunic back on. The stain looks oily and won't come out. Any tips on how to remove?
  11. Hannah1984

    Advice on renting table in salon

    Well, I've come back from my holiday and said to myself Ill put my cards out in my hairdressers as been meaning to for a while. So this morning as I was passing, I went in gave them the cards. It was the salon owner who took them, and she straight away said, we are looking for a nail...
  12. Hannah1984

    Natural nail lifting!

    I had acrylic nails put on by my friend and she had filed a bit too much, my nails were very very sore! When I took the nails off, my little finger nail was very thin towards the free edge, well I didnt have any free edge left. So I left my nails for about 3 weeks and they all looked better and...
  13. Hannah1984

    How does it know?

    It is right every time I have played, try yourself at lol
  14. Hannah1984

    How does chlorine or sea water affect nails?

    I have a few clients wanting acrylic l&p nails done before they go away on their holidays abroad. Will the extentions last as well if they do lots of swimming? Is there any product I can recommend they apply to help stop the damage if there is any?
  15. Hannah1984

    Natural nail free edge went yellow

    I did my friends nails with l&p about a month ago now, did infill about week and a half later as she was going away. She went to a foreign country and did quite a bit of swimming in the sea and in the pool. She said that when she was away the nails started to lift. When she got back, they...
  16. Hannah1984

    first set of nails!

    Well geeks, Im being very brave and posting my first ever set of nails on a human! lol I know where I have gone wrong or can improve on - more prep on cuticles, sidewalls on some nails could be better. Any other advice? Greatly appreciated as I really want to perfect them before I...
  17. Hannah1984

    1st set of nails on human hands!

    Doing my first set of nails not on a nail trainer tomorrow actaully on a human! :eek: Its on a friend who is also training so it will be ok, just really nervous!! Will post pics if they go ok! :confused:
  18. Hannah1984

    Now qualified!

    I have had my results back from Essential Nails and I have qualified! I got a credit in acrylic tip and overlay! So pleased as was getting a bit disheartened but now really motivated and cant wait to get going! Of course doing friends nails first just to help me get my speed up and actually...
  19. Hannah1984

    Chit Chat - Anyone have a house rabbit?

    I have just brought a 10week old male rabbit, called Smudge! He is very very cute and just starting to settle in. He lives in his own special hutch in the kitchen and we open the door to it when we are home, so he can come out if he wants. He hasnt made any "mess" outside of his hutch...