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  1. rachelt73

    Client nail photo, please advise

    Agree it looks like a greenie. Just a thought, if she’s had polish on since lockdown (poss gel) wonder if the increased amount she may have been washing hands, possibly wearing gloves causing hands to sweat and using hand sanitizer has encouraged moisture to get trapped under the polish to cause it?
  2. rachelt73

    CND new foil wraps

    Thanks :) So other than a slightly thicker pad and a bit of CND branding they're pretty much similar then. Guess I was expecting some magical locking mechanism lol!
  3. rachelt73

    CND new foil wraps

    Could somebody please post a photo of one of the new CND foil wraps. Be interesting to see how they differ to the Magis, especially with regards to the "snug seal design" they advertise. Can only find a picture of the box on the internet. Thanks x
  4. rachelt73

    Items I need for work

    All sounds very strange if you are being employed on an hourly rate. If you were being employed as a secretary for instance would your employer expect you to provide your own computer? I'd definitely be taking this up with them before considering whether or not to commence work :)
  5. rachelt73

    Name this glitter

    Looks similar to the iridescent mixed glitter in clear from Goldleaf Supplies on eBay. If encapsulated in acrylic or hard gel I'm sure would look very similar. Clear Nail art glitter for Rockstar toes - Multi size mix | eBay
  6. rachelt73

    Nail desk/table

    The Ikea table above is the Linnmon table top with two Adils legs and the Alex drawer unit I believe :)
  7. rachelt73

    Christmas nail art-let's see your pics!

    Christmas trees & snowmen
  8. rachelt73

    A voucher template

    These are mine, designed and printed at home and adapted from a template on Microsoft Word. I print them onto a pearlised ivory card and have purple pearlised envelopes for them to be placed into.
  9. rachelt73

    Clients & payments

    All the markings of a scammer, but who knows, we may yet be proved wrong :cry: In the meantime, get signed up with Barclays Pingit - instant funds and all the clients have to have is the Pingit App and your mobile number - no fees either :D
  10. rachelt73

    Gelish Harmony

    Have pm'd you :wink2:
  11. rachelt73

    Best nail polish for manicure?

    S2 stock Lumos base & top coat x
  12. rachelt73

    Gelish training

    Here's a list of their Educators across the UK : Nail Harmony UK | Education I trained with them just over a year ago - best thing I ever did :)
  13. rachelt73

    Do you include equipment in insurance?

    How long is a piece of string? It really all depends on what you would have to replace in the event of a fire or accident in order to continue to trade. My first year's insurance was just public & treatment liability as I was just setting out on my journey. This year's renewal however...
  14. rachelt73

    It's the time for pedicures, show me yours & share tricks!

    If only I could reach my toes :sad:
  15. rachelt73

    Reply to my Gumtree ad sounds dodgy

    There's every possibility he could be just having a laugh, but also just as likely to either be a cross-dresser, undergoing gender re-assignment or just have a thing about fingernails and is too embarrassed to say and testing the waters in case he gets judged! If you're not comfortable with it...
  16. rachelt73

    Your set ups. I'll show you mine if you show me yours!

    LOL, that should have read was decorated that way by me when we moved in! It was dark grey, black and red on the day we completed the purchase :(
  17. rachelt73

    Your set ups. I'll show you mine if you show me yours!

    Aww, thank you. I was just very lucky as this was our spare bedroom and was decorated that way when we moved in. I do love it though ;)
  18. rachelt73

    Your set ups. I'll show you mine if you show me yours!

    Ahh thanks, it's the Kimono wallpaper from Laura Ashley :)
  19. rachelt73

    Show us your nail stations!

    Thanks Jo X