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    How long between lash lifts?

    I like an 8 or 10 week gap to ensure the lashes remain healthy and not get frazzled by too frequent treatments. Most of my clients are over 55 so are keen to ensure the health of their lashes. We do them about every other eyelash tint as it's quite a good interval for them. However, I will...
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    Please help! Lip waxing people who wear ppe/face masks

    It does look awful particularly after 3 weeks. All I can say is thank goodness for our masks to hide it, but it is the reason for the issue as well. I have noticed a change to my regular lip wax clients. I haven't grazed anyone , but there is a definite change in the way the strip wants to...
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    MRI scans with foils and glitter polish

    If I were you don't give the scanning department any excuse for your scan to not go ahead. Any slight element of doubt about whether or not the glitter is magnetic will be an excuse to cancel your scan! End of. That millions of pounds worth of scanner won't want to lay idle when it could...
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    I need a kit for my brow wax and tint course

    Contact the training provider as there is usually a preferred brand that they will train you with. Another added bonus is that it may come at a discounted price if there are a few of you on the course. Personally I like Refectocil and Apraise for tinting. Hive for the wax heater.
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    Wax pots for hot wax like Harley and Lycon

    I like Hive. Sturdy, well made and long lasting.
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    Wig for cancer patient Derbyshire

    Hi , Have a look into the cancer services at the Royal Derby/Burton hospitals to see if they have a department like we do at the Royal Stoke University hospital . There is a small suite next to the oncology department called "Fresh Hair Wig and Beauty Salon" - I have had clients get fixed up...
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    Christmas treatments

    Not doing any offers myself, if we are open ....who knows??? I want to introduce a warm oil facial with an introduction of a new addition to my skincare range for very dehydrated skin. Fingers crossed we can reopen !
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    Indian head massage advice

    I don't want to put you off doing the course because I am not a big fan of seated IHM myself. My head massage is not the full IHM that I trained for at college.....it's been adapted to suit me. Mine is done during a facial and is not a stand alone treatment anymore. I would do a little market...
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    Body exfoliation treatment

    I do use a combination of kaeso and Payot Paris. Mostly it is my premium skin care in this back facial (Payot) as they are paying for a luxury treatment. You can use whatever you like because it is the overall treatment and actual massage techniques that will be remembered. HTH
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    Jennifer Young Beauty Despite Cancer - Oncology massage and holistic facial

    I also don't offer them, however I completed a Jennifer Young course before we re opened. "Control of cross-infection in a post covid-19 world" It was excellent and she approached the subject from an oncology bias, which was very clearly done. Good visuals and well thought out. Took me a few...
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    Body exfoliation treatment

    Bella 1234 So low tech to do- I don't have a hot cabinet . A simple bowl with really hot water that the guest towel goes into. Plus aromatherapy oils added to the water to my clients' needs. I use one guest towel as the full back steam and pop it into really hot water twice. As the hot guest...
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    Body exfoliation treatment

    I think it would be fine to do as a mobile service, as long as you have a few practise sessions and trouble shooting trials. I don't do this mobile, but I introduced a back facial when facial restrictions were in place and I soon got to grips with it. To be honest I would turn it into a back...
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    Alternatives to the Carlton Ultra Pro?

    PJS beauty supplies are a company that supply many colleges with their equipment. Look at the range and see if there's something you like. I have the compact micro current machine, which is really good value. I looked everywhere for a second hand model because my client base is very small now...
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    Advice please for my 'Salon Services wax heater 1000cc' after first disaster

    I had this wax heater for only a few months before going into lockdown. I reopened and began to wax clients as normal ,but one day it just decided to start smoking and absolutely wreaked of melting plastic. So pungent and acrid. Thank goodness I never leave the thing switched on when I'm not...
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    Rude clients

    You may never get used to this type of toxic personality but you will become either an expert on dealing with her nastiness or you will choose to suggest she has another technician if she's not entirely happy with your working methods. Surely your boss if they're doing their job right should be...
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    Downward growing lash

    My daughter in law has 2 that do this and painfully she used to pluck them out! This would be something we would never endorse because of the big possibility of introducing an infection. Sorry don't know the cause other than "genetics"....to my knowledge she's never had an eye infection that...
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    Massage bed problem

    I have a portable couch (Very Heavy) with wooden construction and legs that extend to give about 85 cms working height. I haven't used it in many years and was thinking of selling it soon. It is solid and takes 200kg in weight - you are not that far from me and it could tide you over for now...
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    Massage bed problem

    Hi GRH, Are you looking for a static couch ? electric couch, or a portable one with face plug ?
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    Christmas gifts

    I am also in the same situation, but have already suggested to most of mine that I will probably not be doing a raffle this year..... I said I can't afford it. You are quite right about feeling that they take it for granted, but it is difficult to stop something when you have started it. This...
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    Face and body treatments

    Hi Betty, I don't think I am on my own for saying that business has plunged into a very deep recession. I am down by approx 60% of my usual treatments. No one is holidaying, going to birthday/anniversary parties or away for weekend breaks. I have 5 facial clients that have returned and there...