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  1. Sharpster

    Lash extensions lost their curl

    Hi peeps, I fitted a client with 0.07mm 3D C curl lashes on Wednesday and she has come back today with completely straight lashes, there is no curl to them at all. All still glued on but poker straight. Can anyone advise why this has happened? I've contacted the distributor to see if they can...
  2. Sharpster

    Do I offer express lashes?

    Hi peeps, I currently offer classic semi permanent individual lashes and Russian volume lashes and am looking to expand and take someone on. As a result I am wondering whether to increase my portfolio of treatments to widen my potential client base and was wondering whether to offer express...
  3. Sharpster

    Promoting yourself at Xmas

    Hi Geeks, Just wondered how you promote your business at Xmas? I've missed the deadline for my magazine of choice and would normally do special offers etc in the salon I rent a room in however I don't want to offer any discount with it being Xmas. Any ideas how I can best get my services across...
  4. Sharpster

    Sample size brow powder ideas please

    I am re-vamping my current brow shape and tint to a more HD type style and when I re-launch it I would like to be able to give my clients a free gift with it. Can anyone recommend a small trial size brow powder I could buy, ideally less than £5 per unit. Or if anyone has any better ideas of a...
  5. Sharpster

    Small wax heater

    Can anyone point me in the direction of a very small portable wax heater. I only want it for eyebrow waxing as an add on to my lashes so don't want to be hauling my clean n easy everywhere. Thanks in advance x
  6. Sharpster

    Glue drying too fast

    I have started renting a room in a hairdressers to do lashes from, I use flirties expert strength and don't really want to change from this but I'm finding that because of the heat in the salon it is drying on my jade stone about 1 minute after I've poured some out. How can I stop it drying so...
  7. Sharpster

    Marvellash 9mm

    Dies anyone know why marvellash have discontinued their boxes of 9mm lashes? This is my most commonly used size, perfect for plumping lashes out, I'm gutted. Can anyone recommend individual lashes in 9mm that are on strips rather than in pots? Thanks in advance, currently weeping into my...
  8. Sharpster

    First set of sculpted on bitten nails

    Ok so today I decided that I want to revisit the field of l+p. I trained as a nail tech 6 years ago but never had any confidence so nothing ever became of it. So here is my first ever sculpted set on badly bitten nails (in for a penny and all that). Please give constructive criticism, I know...
  9. Sharpster

    First set of sculpted on bitten nails

  10. Sharpster

    What hairstyle

    I have got the squarest face ever and really fine hair which is currently mid length. I've just had my extensions taken out and feel like my face looks fatter and squarer than ever, can anyone recommend a really flattering style for me to cheer me up? I know I should have something softer...
  11. Sharpster

    Blonde advice please

    Hi Geeks, I have a new lady coming to me who has base 3 hair and wants to be blonde. She has been having highlights for 6 months now with her previous hairdresser and used to tint her own hair black with a semi permanent box dye 2.5 years ago ( has very long hair). Has 2 inches regrowth and 90%...
  12. Sharpster

    European hair micro rings

    Hi Geeks, can anyone recommend any Stick Tips that are European hair? Price not particularly important. Thanks in advance xxx
  13. Sharpster

    European hair micro rings

  14. Sharpster

    Lash complaint help!

    Hi Geeks, Not sure if this is in the right section but it is a compaint I have received today and I am rubbish at dealing with complaints so was wondering if you could help. The lady in question who has complained is a customer who has regularly let me down in the past cancelling at last minute...
  15. Sharpster

    Silky lashes

    Hi Geeks, does anyone use the silky lashes or mink lashes(?!). I bought some thinking I'd have a go but can't figure out how to get them off the strip without a magnifying glass or without accidentally grabbing a couple at once. Any tips gratefully received xxx
  16. Sharpster

    Perm dropping after colour

    I permed my neighbours 3 weeks ago and advised her not to colour it for a few weeks. I have seen her recently and she mentioned to me that she had put a colour on her hair and she thought it had straightened her hair but next time she washed it the curls came back. Seeing her today I feel that...
  17. Sharpster

    Help please, peeps

    Hi Hair Geeks, First of all please let me thank the geeks who helped me get onto my level 2 course when the college said I couldn't do it without level 1 despite me being an extensionist and already holding several level 2 nvq's. Now onto the quandary:- I'm doing my level 2 and am a...
  18. Sharpster

    Sensitive mascara

    Hi Geeks, there us a lady who comes into the salon wear I work and and asked about sensitive mascara. She has tried everything available to her on normal shops but reacts badly to everything. She currently uses Sensai(?) from Japan but has asked me if I can advise on anything that might be...
  19. Sharpster

    Gold Shellac

    Hi geeks, my sister wants gold shellac nails, is there a layer combination to get this? X
  20. Sharpster

    Hooded lids

    Hi geeks, after several allergic reactions where my eyelids swelled up I am now left with quite bad hooded lids. It's making me feel really down as I can't wear makeup like I used to cos you can't see it when my eyes are open and I really struggle to wear top liner as I have to stretch my lids...