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  1. Sharpster

    Not very busy!

    Sooo quiet at the moment, everyone is tightening their belt and in my area it seems everyone has done a lash course over lockdown. They are offering them for ridiculous prices and to be honest some of them look pretty good. I know the old adage that they won’t last or they’ll be stuck together...
  2. Sharpster

    Should I contact the salon who’s work I corrected?

    I had a similar situation last year, corrected a local salons work. They weren’t horrendous but they weren’t what she paid for, they were all falling out. A friend of mine does holistic therapies in that salon so I contacted her and told her to tell her lash tech that her glue must’ve gone off...
  3. Sharpster

    Diabetic, eyelash extensions?

    I do lashes and have never had a problem doing lashes on people with diabetes. I think you just need to let your technician know in case you fall into a diabetic coma whilst you’re on the couch [emoji848]
  4. Sharpster

    Lash extensions lost their curl

    Hi peeps, I fitted a client with 0.07mm 3D C curl lashes on Wednesday and she has come back today with completely straight lashes, there is no curl to them at all. All still glued on but poker straight. Can anyone advise why this has happened? I've contacted the distributor to see if they can...
  5. Sharpster

    Foundation for very dry skin!

    Try the serum foundation by The Ordinary, my skin is really dry and this works for me hth x
  6. Sharpster

    Do I offer express lashes?

    Thought as much, thanks x
  7. Sharpster

    Do I offer express lashes?

    Hi peeps, I currently offer classic semi permanent individual lashes and Russian volume lashes and am looking to expand and take someone on. As a result I am wondering whether to increase my portfolio of treatments to widen my potential client base and was wondering whether to offer express...
  8. Sharpster

    Lash glue alergic reactions!

    Ensure they have a break from lashes for a couple of weeks to let their eyes settle down. I've had this happen a couple of times now and once they've had a break I've done them a new set using a sensitive glue and they've been ok. I have used Flirties sensitive glue in the past but now use the...
  9. Sharpster

    Overselling yourself on Facebook

    Just remember that not everyone sees every single one of your Facebook posts, it's better to post more rather than less - you need to get yourself out there. Try to post something different each time and make posts really positive like how much you enjoy seeing customers leave with a smile etc x
  10. Sharpster

    Shrinking Violet Body Wraps

    Because it is quite a big detox so it is advised that they should not drink too much caffeine or alcohol and drink plenty of water to continue to flush out the toxins. Ladies have to wait three months after birth as their body is still recovering and repairing itself so to do a massive detox...
  11. Sharpster

    Microblading eyebrows

    Struggling to find training info via google (this could be as it's so late at night and my brain has given up). Could anyone advise? Thanks x
  12. Sharpster

    Shrinking Violet Body Wraps

    I did the course earlier this year and have done about 10 wraps in total perhaps a few more. I really struggled with it but I think this was more down to the clientele I currently have, most of my ladies wanted it before a night out or I had ladies who had just given birth wanting it so it...
  13. Sharpster

    Chemical reaction? Please read and discuss

    My friend mentioned to me recently that when using Sally's own brand bleach it went red hot, I think she used their own brand peroxide with it.
  14. Sharpster

    Highlights problem

    I would use bleach with 6% and a highlift with 9% . Is her hair virgin or coloured?
  15. Sharpster

    Practice eyelashes

    I used to just tape rubbish cheap false lashes to a cardboard box and pretend they were my clients x
  16. Sharpster

    Pastel colours help

    Hi I'm new to igora, just recently used it on myself, still using wella on clients until I'm more confident. What ratio would you mix the 10-1 and 6-99, I would love to get my hair lilac thanks
  17. Sharpster

    Bend over backwards or just bending over?

    I feel exactly the same as you :-( this is my first week off in three years, I have worked all day today, will be working most of Friday and am also working Saturday and Sunday! I can't help but give in to pleading customers but I'm going to have to try harder as I'm at breaking point. Anyone...
  18. Sharpster

    Breast enlargement

    I had mine done and it made me realise I must have body dysmorphia. I went from a 32C to a 32E and can honestly say I couldn't tell the difference at all, I still feel the need to wear padded bras and although I feel less inadequate now I still don't feel they are big enough. Luckily I realise...
  19. Sharpster

    Promoting yourself at Xmas

    Hi Geeks, Just wondered how you promote your business at Xmas? I've missed the deadline for my magazine of choice and would normally do special offers etc in the salon I rent a room in however I don't want to offer any discount with it being Xmas. Any ideas how I can best get my services across...
  20. Sharpster

    One to one classes

    I did three hours but arrives a bit late oops, I would advise 2 as your brain gets a bit frazzled otherwise x