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  1. jo-anne

    E file hand piece repairs?

    Hi guys does anyone or can anyone recommend someone to repair my hand piece on my efile. It has a loose or split wire not even sure if it can be repaired. It's urgent as we all know the last thing I need this time of year is a new efile. It's the mani supa pro the one s2 had for sale few years...
  2. jo-anne

    Mani Pro Supermax loose wire - help!

    Hi guys I've the Mani pro supermax efile, sadly I've a loose connection on my hand piece wire!! Anyone know who might be able to fix this or where I can get a new hand piece I have emailed kupa in US a few times and never had a reply. I'm getting desparate now as it's getting worse!!!
  3. jo-anne

    Room/space rental

    hi peeps been a while since I posted on here!! im moving to a bigger salon and have agot a girl interested in doing massage and hostilic treatments etc but how much is the going rate for renting space/ bed etc? thanks in advance xx:D
  4. jo-anne

    Salon heating

    Hi, I just wondered what type of heating everyone has in their salons, I don't have gas at mine and need a cost effective form of heating. At the moment I've fan heaters and an electric free standing heater. :confused: thanks in advance for any tips xx
  5. jo-anne

    Minx nails near Macclesfield Cheshire????

    Hi everyone I had a lady phone me yesterday looking to have minx nails done but i am a hour drive away from her is there anyone near maccelesfield who does them and i will pass your details on to her pls pm if there is, she found my no off minxmynails.com , so all those minxers out there get...
  6. jo-anne

    Furthering career into teaching/training

    Hi all i just want pointing down the right path to go further into teaching and being a trainer in any of the treatments i am qualified in ie nails lashes spray tanning.. Any advice greatly appriciated as i feel like i need to branch out and share my knowledge to others.. thanks Jo xx
  7. jo-anne

    how many lashes are on a mink strip?

    I don`t know about everyone out there doing lashes, and now maybe i`m being thick but how many lashes approx are there on a strip of mink lashes? plus how do you all know how many your putting on i loose count after 20!!!:p;)
  8. jo-anne

    Gutted e-file is broken!!! Need help re a new one asap!!

    Come on peeps i know there are lots of posts regarding e-files but all are not neccessary quite recent!! i need to get a new e-file asap but had my old one for years and would like one with little or better still no vibration!! the only thing is i can`t afford the earth this month!! eek!!:eek::eek:
  9. jo-anne

    Do your clients buy the lash sealant?

    Hi all lashers!! I was just wondering as i am new to applying lashes do your clients purchase the lash sealant ? do the lashes last on clients that don`t or do you give a freebie with a new set? thanks Jo xx:confused:
  10. jo-anne

    how long does it take you to do a full set of lashes??

    Hi all..i`m doing my semi-permanent lash trainning next week and was just wondering how long it takes you to apply a full set/ infills just so it gives me an idea what to aim for.....I have had lashes applied by 4 dfferent therapists all have done them at different tmes scales from 2 half hours...
  11. jo-anne

    Quiet e-file, which one to choose??

    Hi peeps i need to but a new e-file can anyone recommend one that is quiet and doesn`t vibrate too much in the hand..mine has a faulty connection on it so need one asap...or is anyone selling one? xx
  12. jo-anne

    Which lash course to do in the cheshire area?

    Hi peeps..i want to do a lash course in my area i know i have said cheshire but anywhere in north west will be great! asap had a look at hollywood and nouveau but can`t decide which one to go with!! Anyone wanna recommend any others or one of the above.. thanks Jo jo xxxx
  13. jo-anne

    Can anyone recommend me a waxing course?

    Hi peeps...i do facial waxing only at the moment but would like to do a course that covers the full works..can anyone recommend someone/where local to me (liverpool /widnes /manchester) that does good training... thanks in advance..:):)
  14. jo-anne

    I need a bright fushia pink powder

    :cry:Hi everyone !! can anyone recommend a bright fushia pink acrylic powder..i used to use an nsi one but they changed the make-up of it and it doesn`t come out the same anymore.....PLease help me!!!!
  15. jo-anne

    Client allergic to hair tint!!

    Has any one had a client who is allergic to a permenant hair tint but desparatly needs one to cover the grey? My client has to have full head brown foils at the mo and as soon as i spot a new manufacturer i do another skin test to see if she has a reaction. In 20 years of hairdressing she`s the...
  16. jo-anne

    Tanning Injections?

    Has anyone heard of Tanning Injections? Apparently you have an injection and then you have to go on the sunbed to enhance the injection. From what i can make out your injected with some sort of melanin pigment. The person who asked me about this said they use it a lot in australia as it stops...
  17. jo-anne

    Which spray tan?

    I`ve just got into spray tanning and using couture at the mo with no problems I might add, but there seems to be a lot of different brands about just wondered what everyone feels is the best one. Im using a hvlp sprayer.:confused:
  18. jo-anne

    nail art changing colour!!

    Has this happened to anyone out there or can anyone explain why this happens to me. I use the silver stipe-rite, nsi,nail art paint ,cap it with uv gloss. then when the client comes back for a rebalance its turned GOLD!! I must admit tho that this happens when the client has been on the...
  19. jo-anne

    Fully booked up or can you always fit clients in?

    I was just wondering, mainly to home based or mobile techs, if your really busy on a daily bases do you feel that you can/can`t fit anymore clients in, or would you always squeeze them in. As i do both hair and nails I struggle to fit new clients in and end up turning some away, I`ve even got...
  20. jo-anne

    silver cnd desk tidy

    I am hoping some one can help me get hold of a silver cnd desk tidy, you know the one in the cnd video that they have the powders on. I`ve been trying to get one but not been successful. fingers crossed. thanks jo xx