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  1. Jessicapmu

    Microblading insurance

    HELP I have recently trained in microblading and have my clinic all set up and ready to go and the council is due to be visiting soon for my license. I have contacted babtac for insurance and they say they can't insure me and I don't have nvqs in beauty and health. I didn't know I needed...
  2. Jessicapmu

    Microblading advice-Deluxe Brows?

    Has anyone trained with deluxe brows? I am booked on their training in February in London and have paid a deposit. I have seen anyone mention them on here. I am doing a beginner course as I don't have a beauty background. Thanks x
  3. Jessicapmu

    Getting a clinic space for SPMU?

    Hi everyone, I'm looking into training in some in the next couple of months. I was wondering I anyone had any advice for securing a clinic space. What hoops do you need to jump through with regards to insurance etc and any other useful advice would be really helpful! ! Thanks Xx
  4. Jessicapmu

    New to SPMU, help!

    Hi everyone, I am looking into training in SPMU. I have no previous experience with beauty or business but have a keen interest and am very artistic. I have been researching different courses but there are so many and they vary so much in price! my Uncle is a business man and is going to loan...