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  2. Picture 055

    Picture 055

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    Comment by 'TAYVIARN' in media '14'

    Thank you
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    Comment by 'TAYVIARN' in media '2'

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    Comment by 'TAYVIARN' in media 'exoctic'

    Practise practise practise. I look at lot of American Nail magazines for ideas. It's normal nail polish!! Thank for the comment
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    Comment by 'TAYVIARN' in media 'Picture 098'

    what do you mean did i get paid to do them? Any work i do i get paid for and unless you cant read it dose say my own nails,. Also if you are going to send me such comments i'd rather you not mail me at all. No one works for free common sense!!
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    Unusual nail art more Pics!!

    y'all make me laugh. My fingers would ach aswell if they where that long. In fact i dont really ware nails only for a day or two then i gotta get em off!! Lol
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    Client I did over the weekend pic

    I dont get that?
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    Client I did over the weekend pic

    Hi thanks for that, i do have these nails but dont use them musch as my Clients don't think they are curvey enough. I know i need a lot more practise on my smile line and coverage on the nail bed so the nail dose not show through, above the free edge. I'm sure it will come soon i've only...
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    Unusual nail art more Pics!!

    Hi You guys hate my work so much ui'm not sure what to expect, or if you ever gonna start to like it!! http://www.salongeek.com/members/tayviarn-albums-my+nail+art-picture9183-pink-white-extra-long.jpg...
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    Comment by 'TAYVIARN' in media 'pink and white extra long'

  12. pink and white bling

    pink and white bling

  13. pink and white stones

    pink and white stones

  14. pink and white extra long

    pink and white extra long

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    Client I did over the weekend pic

    Just thought to share a pic with you all. http://www.salongeek.com/members/tayviarn-albums-my+nail+art-picture9161-6.jpg
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    Acrylic glitters

    Ezlow are fantastic they have gotta be the best i've worked with. any way give it a try and see what you think:Grope:
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    My first attempt at pink & white

    Checked it out some great nails i like it yes. for my customers it would be a no no but in general there lovely.:hug: Dont get me wrong i can do these type nails and started out doing normal looking nails, if i had a customer who wanted this shape and type of nail it would not be a problem...