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  1. CGritt

    Form placement for different shapes

    Hello geeks, I've spent most of the day searching the web with very few outcomes! I am wanting to put together a collection of different nail shapes that I can sculpt. Some of these shapes I want to introduce to clients such as the 'pipe', 'lipstick' etc. However, as the only shape...
  2. CGritt

    SOS...done over?!

    Hi geeks, I'm really struggling! It's a long story so grab a cuppa....... Need to vent ...... I helped guide, support and encourage a fellow acrylic tech in my area to start trade to maybe help me out with the over flow of clients I could not fit in. She had a qualification and she took...
  3. CGritt

    Face painting pricing help

    Hello geeks, I have been asked to do face painting for a children's party for about 20 children. I said that I would charge €3.00 per child, is this price enough or too much? I've not face painted in a year or so so have taken a step back from it. Also what if some children don't want...
  4. CGritt

    Bacterial nail infection

    Hello all! I am feeling really upset and useless at the moment and having some concerns with a client. This may be a long post but here it is..... A new client approached me for a full set of white tip acrylics, yes fine and dandy I thought! I applied her nails following my normal...
  5. CGritt

    Camera help

    Hello, firstly I apologize if this is in the wrong section! I am really struggling with trying to get my portfolio of my nail designs! I'm having to rely upon my ipad camera which seems to be quite pants! I am wondering if anyone could possibly recommend a decent priced camera that will...
  6. CGritt

    Camera help

  7. CGritt

    Stiletto and 3D?

    Hello, I'm looking for a bit of direction or suggestions how to improve my stilettos. They are not at all demanded in my area but I think they are brilliant for improving technique. I know it's not the best photo so apologies in advanced. These are NSI purely pink masque with black, black...
  8. CGritt

    Enhancement removal techniques, advice please

    Hello geeks, I have just removed a set, the enhancements have been on for 3 weeks. From the picture I have added could anyone please tell me if they are looking fit and healthy? I have not buffed or shined the nails as another set of enhancements are going on. I only ask for any further...
  9. CGritt

    Cheats course?

    Hello fellow geeks, I am very slightly curious at the moment, what would everyone consider a cheats course in nails? There is a nail tech near me that has apparently done a cheats course, I live within Europe and think that the laws are slightly different over here regarding qualifications...
  10. CGritt

    Blue moon

    Hello, Looking for any advice on improvement please, I know it's not the best pic so sorry in advanced
  11. CGritt

    Removal enquiry regarding gel

    Dear geeks, Hello! I've had another nail technicians client approach me to remove a full set of gels! I only work with acrylic but removal process is the same method isn't it? Her nail tech told the client that the gels would have to be removed by filing the gels off which will also ruin...
  12. CGritt

    Tips or sculpts? Nervous

    Hi geeks, I have a lady booked in tonight wanting a set of plain old pink & whites. I asked her if she wanted tips or sculpts but just shrugged at me. I prefer doing sculpts i must admit as i havent done tips for such a long time! Sculpts tend to take me longer though as i think i faff too...
  13. CGritt

    Hair Repair Stuff - Jon Clif

    Hi geeks, I have just found a couple of sachets of the 'New Hair Repairing Stuff By Jon Clif' in my bathroom cupboard. The problem i am having though is that i have no instructions for the sachets! The sachets have treatment 1 (Apply first) and treatment 2 (Apply second). Does anyone...
  14. CGritt

    Ouch-care plan advice, please

    Hi geeks! Here's the story: I had a team building day through work, we were told to turn up on sport kit to which we thought it was a bit of a joke, anyway we got surprised with having to play a game of basketball, which was fine until I missed a catch and ended up just grazing the ball with...
  15. CGritt

    My first go at one stroke

    Hi guys I know it's not the best picture but just thought I would see what everyone thinks of my first attempt on myself with one stroke Cheers in advanced
  16. CGritt

    My first go at one stroke

  17. CGritt

    About ready to give in! :(

    Hi geeks, Just a moan really as i'm feeling quite down regarding the 'apparent' business i have. Its a long one i think really but basically myself and a friend work under the same business name on an army camp. She does tan, gels and is studying her mani & pedi, she has all the business...
  18. CGritt

    So excited I get my hubby back!

    Agghhhh! My husband finally comes home tonight from 6 months in afghan! Am getting excited now and can't wait! Got to play the waiting day all evening Sorry guys I just had to post my excitement haha
  19. CGritt

    Advice on Beauty Therapy Courses Plz

    Hi geeks, I would love to get into the world of beauty therapy. I am however at this moment in time in a tricky situation as i live in Germany as my hubby is in the army. I would like to ask anyone about the beauty therapy courses that you study at home, are they worth while? Are they worth...
  20. CGritt

    One stroke painting help please

    hi fellow geeks I have been dabbling in one stroke and am lovin it!! I have been watching the Kirsty Meakin vids on lol nails and although she details well etc i dont really like the designs and they are nothing compared to the designs i have seen on utube etc. I have just about got the...