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  1. CGritt

    Form placement for different shapes

    Hello geeks, I've spent most of the day searching the web with very few outcomes! I am wanting to put together a collection of different nail shapes that I can sculpt. Some of these shapes I want to introduce to clients such as the 'pipe', 'lipstick' etc. However, as the only shape...
  2. CGritt

    SOS...done over?!

    Thanks guys, I meant an offensive as in a strategy to get clients. I really doubt clients will change just because of the years under my belt (not many compared to some on this site) clients here seem to opt for either her or the nss down the road. Plus there's a lot of gossipy wives doing...
  3. CGritt

    SOS...done over?!

    Hi geeks, I'm really struggling! It's a long story so grab a cuppa....... Need to vent ...... I helped guide, support and encourage a fellow acrylic tech in my area to start trade to maybe help me out with the over flow of clients I could not fit in. She had a qualification and she took...
  4. CGritt

    Blue moon

    I know sorry my camera is shockingly rubbish and am waiting for a new one. It's a konad stamp of two fairies facing one another with slight swirls :) Thank you for all of the comments xx
  5. CGritt

    Face painting pricing help

    Hello geeks, I have been asked to do face painting for a children's party for about 20 children. I said that I would charge €3.00 per child, is this price enough or too much? I've not face painted in a year or so so have taken a step back from it. Also what if some children don't want...
  6. CGritt

    Bacterial nail infection

    Thank you sooo much for everyone's input and help. It has helped settle my mind :) Xxxx
  7. CGritt

    Bacterial nail infection

    Yes Rinn I read it about several times just to make sure lol It's the first time this has happened so I think it has shook me and dented me a little. The client is a housewife but does go to the gym a lot also As for food under the nail and not getting anything from it .........ewwwwww...
  8. CGritt

    Bacterial nail infection

    Bit what if it happens again on this set of infills? Her natural nails are really quite long now and she is happy to have a removal at next appoint,ent and just overlay her natural nails! She did say the two nails she lost didn't take her natural nail which she said has never happened before...
  9. CGritt

    Bacterial nail infection

    First set was clear. First infill was pink masque Just I filled with pink masque again, didn't see any green tinge around the lifted cuticle area on infills Should I contact he and ask her to come for removal?
  10. CGritt

    Bacterial nail infection

    Thank you for your reply. There was no lifting other than around the cuticle area which I filed away. I use nsi products, sani pure etc. I feel really guilty! I am just wondering if leaving the enhancements for 3+ weeks and washing up every night might be the cause or aid? I was full of...
  11. CGritt

    Bacterial nail infection

    Hello all! I am feeling really upset and useless at the moment and having some concerns with a client. This may be a long post but here it is..... A new client approached me for a full set of white tip acrylics, yes fine and dandy I thought! I applied her nails following my normal...
  12. CGritt

    Camera help

    Hello, firstly I apologize if this is in the wrong section! I am really struggling with trying to get my portfolio of my nail designs! I'm having to rely upon my ipad camera which seems to be quite pants! I am wondering if anyone could possibly recommend a decent priced camera that will...
  13. CGritt

    Camera help

  14. CGritt

    Stiletto and 3D?

    Hello, I'm looking for a bit of direction or suggestions how to improve my stilettos. They are not at all demanded in my area but I think they are brilliant for improving technique. I know it's not the best photo so apologies in advanced. These are NSI purely pink masque with black, black...
  15. CGritt

    Client refund/Terms & Conditions - Need advice!

    Hi Hun, I have yet to deal with a complaint and hate to think about it as I am not a confrontational person at all. I have made a policy relating to my services I provide, I also put all my info aftercare, price list, risks of mma and policy together as a leaflet so it is all together in paper...
  16. CGritt

    What nails are you sporting today?

    My friends Christmas nails
  17. CGritt

    What is your salon Facebook?

    https://www.facebook.com/GeminiElmpt :biggrin:
  18. CGritt

    What nails are you sporting today?

    Pink masque, loving this colour
  19. CGritt

    Enhancement removal techniques, advice please

    Hello geeks, I have just removed a set, the enhancements have been on for 3 weeks. From the picture I have added could anyone please tell me if they are looking fit and healthy? I have not buffed or shined the nails as another set of enhancements are going on. I only ask for any further...
  20. CGritt

    Cheats course?

    That's what I'm confused about, when the other nail techs clients ask about her qualifications she is telling them half way through treatment: I've done the cheats course! Clients are also saying that their nails are burning once under the uv lamp, I've told these clients of hers to take...