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  1. sdanzine

    Looking for a Nail Tech in Aachen Germany - can anyone help?

    Hi All I have a very lovely client that I have had for over 7 years who is moving to Aachen, Germany next week :Scared: and she would love to carry on getting her nails done - I currently use CND Retention for overlays. Does anyone know of or can recommend a good Nail Technician in this area...
  2. sdanzine

    White Acrylic & Glitter

    Hi Everyone Has anyone seen the white zone 1 with glitter? How is it done? are people using a white acrylic which contains glitter or are people doing white acrylic with a thin layer of glitter over the top? :rolleyes: Hope you know what I mean :eek:
  3. sdanzine

    New Client with Existing Pink & Whites

    Hi Hope you guys can help. I have a new client who I'm seeing next week and she already has a set of pink & whites on. Not being able to see what condition there in, she may need a removal but what if she doesn't :eek: I use Creative prds, how will I know whether my pink & white will be...
  4. sdanzine

    Fancy Signatures

    Hi Where are all the fancy signatures from :?: Some great ones on the site. Thanks in advance
  5. sdanzine

    Winning Nails Video by Team Creative

    Hi Can anyone advise me on the above? how much detail etc. is there? Thanks in advance.
  6. sdanzine

    Cnd - Yellow Lines?!

    Hi I did a set of nails last night, used clear CND on zone 2 & 3 but there is a yellow line/tinge to where zone 2 meets zone 3, I have never had this before. is it contaminated? i have washed my pipette and my little bowl. What do I do if it is in the brush? I don't think it could be the...
  7. sdanzine


    Hi Does anyone have their cuticle nippers sharpened or do you just buy new ones? :rolleyes:
  8. sdanzine

    Creative Acrylic Cracking

    Hi Hope someone can help. My client of 6 months came for her fortnightly rebalance last night and a few of the enhancements on each hand had like a shatter like crack across the nail bed (not on the line where the tip is stick on but in the middle of the nail bed). The crack did not go...
  9. sdanzine


    Hi I have a problem! I don't normally charge to remove a set of acrylics when replacing with a new set, am I normal? (please be kind LOL) Happy New Year :D
  10. sdanzine


    Hi Can someone advise me on the RRP on the mini bottle of Northern Lights Glittery Top Coat? :P
  11. sdanzine


    Hi Need your help again. :D I'm getting confused on where my apex should be. I was taught that in zone 1 your brush tip needs to be up at an angle of 45 degrees, zone 2 flat and in zone 3 tip done at an angle of 45 degrees. This places the emphasis of the apex on the smile line, but...
  12. sdanzine


    Hi All Merry Christmas and a Very Prosperous New Year! I did a rebalance last night, but could still see white lines when I had done. What am I doing wrong? :( There was a little lifting, so I filed it just behind the lift so that it left a sealed edge where the lifting flaked off...
  13. sdanzine


    Hi All I hope someone can help I'm having 3 problems at the moment; :( The first is I can't seem to perfect the C Curve. Once I have applied my acrylic and start filing the nail starts to look flat. Can anyone give me tips on applying the acrylic and/or filing? :( The second...
  14. sdanzine


    Hi I was wondering if anybody had seen pre coloured tips, not white ones but pink, lilac etc? I have seen them on someone but don't know where to get them from. Hope you guys can help!
  15. sdanzine


    Hi I'm well confused!!!!!!!!!! I have done the VTCT IHBC in Nail Extensions but after looking through this site everyone keeps mentioning the NVQ level. I have done the Creative L&P Conversion course as well. What is the difference? Does this mean I need extra training? :oops:
  16. sdanzine

    Competition Colours?

    :? Hi Everyone Can someone tell me what "Competition" powder colours are? What is the difference between normal powder and this? Thanks in advance :D
  17. sdanzine


    Hi Can I use this for cleaning my files? :shock: What does everyone else use theirs for? :rolleyes:
  18. sdanzine


    Hello to all I need clarification. :shock: Do I need to do a conversion course to start using/to buy the Fabric # Try Me Kit? :shock: Does it come with instructions? :shock: Is it Creative branded or Designer Nails? :shock: What is the difference between Creative...
  19. sdanzine


    Hi First time posting! :D I want to buy a good mobile tech. lamp. Can anyone give some pointers on where to go or who to go to? Hope someone can help :D