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    Custom blending Metro powders with clear/white powders

    Ok i have some metro silver glitter powder... and also a purple powder... What would happen if i mixed with white? Would it change to lilac? This is the obvious one... But if mixed with clear, what would happen then? LJ xx
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    Nail Enhancements/extensions for Men?

    Are there nail extensions for men? I mean, Say a bloke had short, stubby nails and wanted extensions but without seeing a vibrant SMILE line... or without there being a glossy top coat.... Is this possible? How would it be done? LJ xx
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    Rosit© welcome!

    Hi rosit, welcome to the site. i would PM this to you but you dont accept PMS? Oh well welcome!!
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    Hiya i just did my CND course yesterday, after TEREIBLE DAY... and TERRIBLE nails on my model, i walked away having learned lots, but with pants nails. Im sure many of you read my post yesterday re: i cant stop crying.... Well i promised a pic of the next ones I did and here they are. Im...
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    :sad: i feel like crying again. finished CND course

    I did me 3rd day on CND L+P and i took a model. The nails were AWFUL. i couldnt press the acrylic flat enough. and some was pressing right towards the right side wall, but had already set when i went to do the left. I filed my client arm off. and it took 5 hours and 15mins. I have done many...
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    What is tip and Dip acrylic?

    I saw an ad today for a lady who offers tip and dip acrylic french for just 20 quid. I thought it was very cheap just wondering if these are the kit type things that used to be on sale in boots? L x
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    anyone on the creative course in Milton Keynes next MOnday?

    anyone on the creative course in Milton Keynes next MOnday?
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    Where to buy tunic?

    Hi does n e 1 know where I could buy a tunic? Iv been looking but they seem a lot of money in the region of 30-40 quid. Did anyone get one cheaper and where from? LIsa x
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    United Beauty - Fusion. Whos tried it?

    Hi I know a couple of you have tried Fusion from United beauty, is there any more geeks that have used it that would reccommend? LJ
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    Professional Beauty Insurance website not working

    Professional Beauty - For All Your Beauty Needs - Insurance - PB Cover Why isnt it workin?
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    Does a creative course include kit?

    Does a creative course include kit? or do I need to take along anythng? LJ x
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    Number of people on Creative courses?

    How many people are on a course? Is it a one - to-one or one to four?? What is it, Im just guessing.....|??? LJ x
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    creative nail design induction??

    Hi I AM THINKIn of bookin the foundation course next week but i wouldnt say Im a beginner... I do them for most my friends, my smile likes are okay.... gettin better, i just need to brush up on application of acrylic. (tis a bit bumpy) but the foundation is for peeps that have NEVER DONE NAILS...
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    To train with creative?????

    Hi can anyone PM me some details on the foundation course with creative.... Such as prices, course duration, etc.... I know the locations and what will be covered, but just need a bit more info!! Thanks LJ xx
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    Odourless Monomer?

    Do any nail tech's out there offer odourless acrylic systems when doing mobile services?? If you do, what brand sells them? LJ
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    <B> Who won the Valentines dress a nail art competion?

    Who won??? LJ
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    my first set of proper acrylics!

    Hi Geeks, Ok since Xmas, and receiving a proper mobile nail table :) !!! Just done a set of tip and overlay P+W on my friend....! Little bit lumpy now and then, Smiles weren't too bad Im vastly improving but struggling to get my ratio, I seem to be gettin watery beads that go all over...
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    Help. Nail Splitting Upwards.

    Three of my nails are splitting vertically up the nail.... I need to put something on mu nails to protect them from splitting further.. until they have grown so I can cut them before the Split. Please someone hellp. :( LJ x