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    New method of speeding up a facial from 1st August?

    Hello lovely fellow geeks. I am pondering how on earth we are to perform a facial with the guidelines set out regarding "Circling client and not being stationary for long periods "? Mmmmm isn't that what we have to do to carry out a facial ! Not sure if my arms are long enough either. Can...
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    Minimum charge for appointment from August 1st

    Hi geeks, I have a number of clients desperate to return for just eyebrow waxing. It is nomally a £7 service taking no longer than 15/20 minutes. With the 20/30 minute wipe down extra time used it is not cost effective to provide this service on it's own. It will be minimal touch , hands in...
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    Just sending good wishes to all hairdressers opening tomorrow

    I have messaged my hairdresser and all my hairdressing clients virtual hugs and best wishes for tomorrow. I hope you all have a good nights' sleep and a great start tomorrow. Good luck !!! Love RosieR
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    Client with lip filler issues

    I have a client that had lip fillers early in December from a tech that visited her house. I do not do anything aesthetic and thought nothing more about it. It's her choice. She came today and her lips look so sore, almost like the surface skin around the lips is breaking down. Her lip margin...
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    Lash lift, do small one use packets work better than larger bottles?

    I have been on a lash lift course and am wondering if it is better to have the small individual solutions, or are larger bottles just as effective? Think they have a 6 month use by date on them. What do you experienced in lifting recommend please? Any advice gratefully received. Rosie x
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    Microcurrent machine with galvanic option?

    Hi there , I am looking into providing microcurrent facials after market research with my clients and I wondered if any geeks have used the Carlton or sillhouette machines? I would buy secondhand as I will not be wanting to have to exclusively offer facials to try and get my money back if...
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    Payot Paris skincare, anyone using it for facials?

    I have been looking into using another line of products for a while now and I am thinking of using Payot products. I have had used a couple of the serums and eye products myself and I am impressed so far. I wondered if any other geeks have experience with it? I am particularly pleased about...
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    Ideas for a 70th birthday treat/gift for a special client

    I hope someone could inspire me please as I am really struggling to think of a gift for a lovely client. She has been with me for around 25 years , coming religiously every 6 weeks for , Facial, manicure, pedicure , leg wax, eyelash /brow tint and lip/ brow wax. Normally I would give some of my...
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    Anyone had any success with LED light therapy mask for rosacea?

    One of my clients has asked if I know if led therapy would help rosacea. She is in her 50's and is a personal trainer so is constantly getting hot, sweaty and has to wear full theatrical make up to hide the condition. I hoped someone may have had the experience or performed the treatment on...
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    Anyone been called up for jury service?

    As a sole trader I have yet again been called up for jury service. Obviously I know it is a respected public duty , but it is a massive inconvenience and will have a detrimental impact on my summer business. Last time I was called it was the 2 weeks leading up to christmas.... absolutely...
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    Can anyone recommend a good scalp sunscreen please?

    I have significantly less hair on my head since the menopause- oh the joys..lol My scalp gets very painful if I have not put my hat on. I got caught out yesterday and had not got my hat with me so it's painful today. I would like to use a mineral powder formulation as it could go into the...
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    Client new to gel nails has expectations, may not be able to deliver

    I have a client booked next week for gel polish and has seen the nails of a collegue at work that I can only assume has hard gel or white tip extensions on. My client has great faith in me being able to deliver as pristine , precise nails as her collegue. Help !!! I use cuccio and gellux gel...
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    Anyone use the Cuccio Max Pro 2 or ASP Curve LED lamps please?

    Hi , hoping some of you lovely geeks can help me to choose my new lamp. The Cuccio and the ASP will both cure my gels ( NM and wattage are compatible) Similar in size, but I cannot decide which one to have. I don't do UV gels so no need for anything more than purely LED gel lamp. My larger...