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    Calling all Bio Sculpture geeks

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    Parafin Wax

    Hi, its been a while I have had quite a bit on but just needed to throw a question at ya all. Every time i do a parafin wax treatment i seem to have issues and its getting me down as the qualities to this treatment are vast but no good if you cant perform it fault free hey! The problems...
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    coke or water??

    hey there, I too have been a sucker of the years for the cola addiction however I have always known the evil effects of it, its yack it really is. However in case none of you are aware the diet forms are no better and thats not just coke thats diet anything it contains the sweetner aspartmane...
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    Lactose Intolerant help needed!

    hey there, try logging on to the Kevala web site www.kevala.com its a college but it has a forum that is dedicated to nutritional therapists, we are all students or qualified and very glad to help. If you are unable to get into it try e-mailing them and they will forward you onto someone to...
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    Calling all Bio Sculpture geeks

    Hi there thanks, i did this and they were very helpful and gave me a list of peeps to contact so i phoned the lady who had called me back and gave her the contacts she was over the moon, so i even though i did not gain a new client for nails its given my rep some brownie points maybe she will...
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    Calling all Bio Sculpture geeks

    Hi geeks, Does anyone do bio sculpture in Dorset need someone for tommorow Wednesday 11th october. There is someone coming down this end of the world for a holiday and she has not had chance yet to have her infills and is desperate to get them down whilst here, can anyone help this lady please...
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    Star Nail techs

    Hi thanks for the advice, I did try and persude her that there are many other gels out there but to no avail, some people just do not like change, bless her but then saying that if she can not find anyone she may have to start thinking about using a different gel hey. Oh i am such a softy I...
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    Star Nail techs

    Hi Geeks, its been a while since in been here and boy have i missed it all, anyway I had a call today from a lady who lives in Blanford she is seeking a star nail tech that does gel, she claims it is the only product that suits her and she didnt not sound to keen on trying anything else. So I...
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    Fraud commited

    Hi there, I have just read this post and it made me so cross, although I am now over the moon that the person involved did pay up, well done to that person for doing the right thing. A lot of us are honest but there are people out there that just do not know how to be, maybe due to past...
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    Help! I've been stung on E-bay!!!

    Hi there, if you want further information, then why not try contacting trading standards, they deal with the sale of goods act, and perhaps the trades description act may be of use. I believe you can down load a wealth of information about it from the internet. Depending on your views and how...
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    Did I dream this up .....?

    I use this method too, however always put the silk or fibreglass on before applying the gel. Or if they already have enhancements I prep nail then put fabric over then apply gel. kind regards x
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    help with airbrushed nails

    Hey there, This is a tricky one, I too get soooooo frustrated :irked: when trying to keep nail art on natural nails, most of my clients have the design off with in days, longest I have got a natural nail design to stay on is 5 days, but over an enhancement yes can last between 2...
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    Finger Spa - Nail Soakers

    HI I use these too and have found them great for certain things, some of my clients have larger than usual knuckles and one of my clients thumbs went blue after being in one for a very short period it was cutting the circulation off just under the knuckle, bless her. I have to say although...
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    Therapists & Nail Techs in Brighton

    Cool thanks I will send your details to her, hopefully you may have yourself a nice new client she is so lovely. Ill let you know if she replys. x
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    Therapists & Nail Techs in Brighton

    Hi, I had a client last week who lives in Brighton, she had a wedding here in Poole in Dorset and found me via the internet, however I did promise to do my best to gather some contacts for her in her own area as she is not sure where to go. So any nail techs and therapists in Brighton? if so...
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    Expert advice on skin care needed

    Hi there, interesting that you mentioned clinique as we were discussing this the other day. A male hairdresser friend of mine had been using this range but for men for years and he also began to get spots. He went back to see the lady at the counter in a large store where he purchased the...
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    Help nail systems going wrong

    Whoops forgott to say also yes Geeg you are right in saying that the post is misleading, its not the products its me, if there is a worng way to do anything ill always find it. LOL I also forgot to mention that my clients nails grow like weeds and within two weeks she needs a rebalance I have...
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    Help nail systems going wrong

    hi Thanks Ruth, its been such a while now since anyone has requested fabric that I had obvously got the routein ass about face, nothing new for me, te he he. Thanks for the help, I can now see where I was going wrong, my client is coming back today so we can sort them out. Also Geeg...
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    Help nail systems going wrong

    Oh help peeps I am loosing the will to do nail extensions big time. I put a post up a short while ago about the problems I was having with Brisa gel, yes I followed the advice and they lasted a little longer but within a week they were pealing away again, it must be something I am not doing...
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    Brisa & nail art

    Hi everyone, thanks for the help with my brisa problems on my last thread. Athough I had been doing things as explained I tried again the other day on my own nails and so far so good but im only on the 2nd day as yet. Anyway my question is can you airbrush and then use the brisa gel over the...