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  1. Trinity

    Silk fibreglass

    I absolutely love doing fibreglass/silk extensions, I really enjoy the process. For repairs its really great like you say.
  2. Trinity

    Cuticles and nail prep

    Lifting is usually insufficient prep, if any non living tissue is left on the nail plate you will get lifting. If she's ripped the skin you shouldn't be applying products to nails with open wounds. They need to be healed before applying. Once healed they are no more likely to cause lifting than...
  3. Trinity

    Silk fibreglass

    Hard to find these days, no-one really uses it much anymore, last lot I got was BackScratchers (I think), it was over 2 years ago and I think I got it from Capital.
  4. Trinity

    Dangers of "Russian Manicure"

    Russian manicure cuticle trimming make me cringe and feel a little nauseous. I'm not overly keen on the final look either, it looks like the nail will pop off. Quite apart from the damage being done by unqualified techs trying to replicate the look.
  5. Trinity

    Anyone else almost done with this industry? Thanks Covid

    Yep, I've done absolutely nothing nail related in any of the lockdowns. I'm sick of seeing nails all over socials because it makes me feel like a failure. I'm not messaging my clients because I realised it was making some of them feel obliged to book in. That means I'm lonely, no-one but Husband...
  6. Trinity

    Please help, customer won’t leave me alone!

    Block, delete and ignore - she's a chancer and bully, you've fallen for it because you're too nice. Funny how once you'd given her money she's happy with her hair 🤬 If you're in a small village I suspect everyone knows what she's like so will ignore her nasty comments anyway. Try not to dwell...
  7. Trinity

    Beauty services working from summer house?

    'Gardens gives you this lot as a starting point https://www.salongeek.com/search/327676/?q=Garden&o=relevance
  8. Trinity

    Beauty services working from summer house?

    Loads work from summer houses/sheds/garden offices. Use the search option for previous threads
  9. Trinity

    Ingrown toenails

    You need to speak to your insurance company to find out this information
  10. Trinity

    Ingrown toenails

    Don't know about everyone but I have, there's a few pedi specialist on here too https://lcnuk.co.uk/training/lcn-wilde-pedique-toenail-reconstruction-exclusive-podiatrists-fhps
  11. Trinity

    Ingrown toenails

    If you're unsure I would suggest some training before attempting anything. Not sure whats available in your area but here in the UK there areca couple of suppliers who offer specific reconstruction training.
  12. Trinity

    Ingrown toenails

    Not sure understand the question. You wouldn't be working on unhealed surgery areas anyway, so once healed it's business as usual. With regard to reconstructing parts of a missing nail there is plenty that can be done with whichever extension product you are trained in.
  13. Trinity

    Polygel allergies

    I think you're preaching to the choir, we're always telling people to keep products off the skin. It's not specifically the polyglot products, it's all nail products. Better training. Better understanding of the products involved. Correct matching of products and lamp. All the basics are so...
  14. Trinity

    Ingrown toenails

    Nothing, refer to a podiatrist/chiropodist
  15. Trinity

    Acrylic brands help please

    Check out CJP
  16. Trinity

    Clients that buff their nails

    My Shellac price includes removal, I set it higher initially, so I remind clients it's free to have removed whether they have reapplication or not. It takes 20 minutes to remove if they are not having it reapplied, I'd rather have them pop in and removed properly than pick or DIY. I just wrap...
  17. Trinity

    CND sub distributor question

    Not as far as I'm aware, Elisons used to be the only authorised sub distributor but I think that partnership has ended. Why not email S2 directly and check, they'll be the best place for the latest information
  18. Trinity

    Nail strengtheners?

    Cracking quote in the first article 🤣:- To be fair if you are the kind of person to paint your pets nails...I suspect any kind of advice like this is going to fall on deaf ears anyway 🤪 I think they're slightly over dramatic articles, of course chemicals are toxic to pets, if care and common...
  19. Trinity

    Nail strengtheners?

    All nail products are toxic to some level (to humans and all life) and especially so if not handled and used correctly. That said I've never come across a product specifically toxic to pets. Do you have evidence you can show me of this claim? I can only see any potential issues with uncared...
  20. Trinity

    Thin nails after enhancements

    Cracking is because the nails are too thin, they are bending and flexing so the gel polish can't stay attached. Chipping (I'm assuming free edge) is common newbie issue, usually too much product at the free edge, thinner more even coats. Look at the CND 5 point application technique, it will help