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  1. Shinead11

    NVQ certificate

    I was wondering if anyone can offer some advice. I qualified in hairdressing 17-18 years ago but now require my certificate for a course. Obviously after all these years I have no ideas where they are. Does anyone know where I can get a additional copy from x
  2. Shinead11

    Silk closure

    As the title suggest can anyone recommend a supplier for high quality silk closures?? Many thanks
  3. Shinead11

    Hair extension removal

    Why do clients assume that extension removal is Free of charge?? It's on my pricelist, it's on the consultation form and the aftercare sheet. I have twice this week had to explain why it's not free and it is still a service. Does anyone else have this issue
  4. Shinead11

    Colour advice

    I have a client who is currently full head bleach highlights toned with 8-81 colour fresh and 7/5 igora Royal roots. She has now decided she doesn't want to be as light anymore but usually when I take her slightly away from the light blonde she says she feels ginger! She has send me this picture...
  5. Shinead11

    Schwarzkopf colour help

    I have a lady who is currently a ashy blonde who wants to now change her hair to Cheryl's new colour . Firstly I'm looking for advise on what colour you would use you achieve this look but also my only other sticking point is she generally says she feels ginger if I take her warmer... What...
  6. Shinead11

    Sam Faires Hair colour

    How would you go about achieving this on a client with existing full head bleach with natural re growth of about a 5?
  7. Shinead11

    Extension ladies

    I'm not a huge fan of curled extensions for before and after pictures as I prefer to be able to see how thick and full they are and sometimes think some extensionists use curls as a mask for poor work. But I do love the way the brilliant Alexander summers curls his. He uses a cloud 9 waving wand...
  8. Shinead11

    When to say no and how?

    So my question is how do you ladies who do extensions turn people down or turn them away. By this I mean somebody you know who will be more trouble than they are worth and your gut Feeling is don't do it!
  9. Shinead11

    How frustrating? Red to blonde

    So on Saturday I had a walk in who had bright red hair (Xxl live) which was slightly faded! The condition of her hair was fine no problem at all. She pulled out a picture of a full head blond almost platinum. Straight away I told her that is not going to be possible a) because the colour was so...