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  1. MrsR

    Major life change which isn't good could be ahead

    [/I]OK I am going to try to make this as short as possible. I started in nails a few years ago training with CND in L&P and Spa Mani & Pedi. I absolutely love nails and am so passionate about them but struggled with L&P as I am not that artistic but I adore Manis and Pedis and giving...
  2. MrsR

    Problems with white and pink varnish application

    I am finding that whites and light pinks go on quite cloudy for me - it is as if I need to do 3 coats of colour! I have tried applying more varnish on the brush but then it just seems far too much. I use OPI and CND.
  3. MrsR

    Best foot spa for mobile

    Which one have you found is best for mobile. I am using a basic one at the moment and want to upgrade.
  4. MrsR

    Minx or Shellac your best seller?

    Wondering which is your better seller? Thanks
  5. MrsR

    Builders' nails

    I hve had a builder come to me for a manicure nd his nails and fingers were as you imagine a rough tough builders to be - I have sent him away with Solar Oil but would else would you have recommened as he is a skin-round the nails biter and they are in an awful state!
  6. MrsR

    I am back

    Hey some of you may know me some might not but I am back after a huge break - my twin girls are just approaching birthday number 2 and I am back doing nails.
  7. MrsR

    Do you do just manicures and pedicures and how do you find it?

    Wondering how people get on who purely do just manicures and pedicures and would love to hear. I know it is limiting yourself as a nail technician and I know the pros for doing L&P, gels, etc etc so please do not pull me over the coals for asking this as I have valid reasons for thinking about...
  8. MrsR

    Lost some confidence .. can I regain it?

  9. MrsR

    Lost some confidence .. can I regain it?

    Well I have to be honest here, I have been AWOL as I lost all confidence in my nails and would say for 3 months or so I have not done any nails at all - I really messed up someones nails and it knocked every bit of confidence out of me -- I didnt have that much to knock out of me anyway (those...
  10. MrsR

    Are Saturday girls needed in nail bars?

    Now I have a 9-5 MOnday to Friday job I really would love to find a Saturday girl friday type job in a nail bar to learn all aspects of a nail bar and gain confidence, etc and leave the evenings in the week for my mobile stuff but does a job like this exist in nail bars. Obviously I am not 16...
  11. MrsR

    Hook/claw nails - how to deal with naturally?

    I did a luxury spa manicure on a friends cousin today for her birthday and was so shocled that they both have similar nails, 1st and middle fingers on both hands of both of them are claw nails and the rest perfect. Now the cousin wanted shortish nails which worked perfectly and she left happy...
  12. MrsR

    CND Spa Manicure - when do you massage & buff?

    For teh CND Spa Manicure I wondered when people massage and in what order you do things say for a natural nail buffed finish. In red is the bit I struggle with order wise as if I was using varnish I could scrubfresh the nail before place the different coats on, scrub freshing them obviously...
  13. MrsR

    To tidy polish what is the difference in using scrubfresh to nailfresh?

    I am just wondering as need to make a S2 order soon. Is nailfresh stronger and quicker to remove polish when tidying up lines or does it work the same as scrubfresh when used soley for tidying polish?
  14. MrsR

    Massage tips for manicures and pedicures needed

    I know people won't want to give up their trusted methods but any tips greatly received as I do find I am lacking confidence in the massage side of thing.
  15. MrsR

    Vertical ridges in my L&P

    I did a set on myself, not the easiest thing to do and something I desperately striggle with still but on one finger I have vertical ridges going up the nail - what have I done to cause this? Thanks for feedback.
  16. MrsR

    Pedicures - Do you cut toe hair?

    Just wondering if everyone cuts or shaves the toe nail on females feet when doing a pedicure? Do you ask if you do or do you just do it? Thanks For the life of me I cannot remember if I have asked this yet or just thought about asking it so sorry if I have already! Sure I haven't though!
  17. MrsR

    Feline Geeks Group

    Have made a group for cat nutters like me http://www.salongeek.com/group.php?groupid=38
  18. MrsR

    My manicures don't look amazing!

    I just feel like they don't really look anything special, maybe I am expecting to make clients nails look stunning and dramatically change them?!?! Anyone else think this?
  19. MrsR

    Accident on M1 around J25 - traffic at a stand still

    Just to warn everyone who is around junction 25 of the M1 that there has been a big accident and both north and south bound are at a standstill.
  20. MrsR

    How do you paint the white tip in a french polish?

    Finding it so fiddley to paint the white tip on a french manicure, especially on people with short nails -any tips?