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  1. Maz101

    Gelish users please

    A client has sent a pic of her friends nails and tho I'm a shellac girl I do have some Gelish colour which she said this is as that's what the friend said. Can anyone tell me what colour the pink could be please as she is a good client and would like to get this in for her if possible as she...
  2. Maz101

    Rumor re: Intimates Collection?

    I've just been told that the intimates collection is a limited edition, I replied it's not its perm and part of the colours and then she said nope in the USA they are le and when sold out there not being redone. Now I'm sure they've got this wrong, very thing have read and spoken to people...
  3. Maz101

    CND Shellac intimates collection launching at Olympia

    I'm looking forward to this as few clients want some nice nudes, tho I'm a bright colour girl myself.
  4. Maz101

    So ill after holiday

    Ok I will admit I'm lying in bed after coming home from the hospital, miserable and grouchy and feeling very blur I went to Dominican Republic on my birthday with friends and hubby to renew my wedding vows, had an amazing time the hotel was lovely cant say a bad thing about staff, place, beach...
  5. Maz101

    Stubborn Shellac removal - any ideas geeks?

    Today I had a client in for a repair on her shellac, 2 very tiny chips and I soaked them both off in foil wraps, with warm wheat bags over, I did the shellac 6 days before so new it was good pep, very thin base, 1 coat of decadence and one coat of Ruby Ritz then topcoat Omg it would not...
  6. Maz101

    Question re: greenies

    I have a client that about 8 weeks ago had a tiny greenie, she admitted to gluing her nail down after catching it, I explained this may have caused the problem as could have trapped a tiny bit of moisture, It was small and bright light green, so removed enhancement, cleaned let air get to it...
  7. Maz101

    Nail tech in Orpington, Locksbottom

    Hi I have a lovely lady who need her l&p extensions infilled and looked after on a regular basis, she is not happy with the service she's received in a place and now wants a good tech who will either do l&p or hard gel. If your interested let me know and can give you all her info I can't...
  8. Maz101

    Nail tech in Cuffley Hertfordshire

    Hi I've just been contacted by a lady from Cuffley Hertfordshire area wanting me to do her nails, I've suggested to her maybe a tech nearer her would be better as for her to travel to me woud be about an hour and a half, which as much as I love the business I don't think is practicle for her...
  9. Maz101

    Worth it - free calendar

    I kept seeing the free calendar on a tv advert from Vista print, so I thought I would give it a go, postage was just a few quid and it arrived in just over a week, if your looking for a bargain then it's def worth it. I did mine for my home salon and used some of my photos of my iPhone I'm...
  10. Maz101

    The best Shellac training, today

    Today I made the trip with my model over to east London, it was freezing cold but worth the trip. Once we had all warmed up, I finally did my shellac bring them back course with Ruth and had the best time ever, the course was great learnt loads, had loads of fun too, Ruth had me cracking up...
  11. Maz101

    The best Shellac training, today

  12. Maz101

    Bottles/spray bottles for soap and water, what do you use?

    I'm looking into getting a bottle for my bag for soap and water, for the odd time I use cuticle remover, mostly I do a dry rep but as we all know sometimes it is needed and I do like to do a good prep on a new clients who's nails I don't now. So what type of bottle do geeks use to hold it...
  13. Maz101

    Is this the right spectrum of OPI colours?

    GMorning I am going to be doing Saturdays in a salon just doing polish, shellac and gellux, I have loads of polishes but I'm taking just one brand opi as my main polish plus a few neon china glaze , from the photo of my opi do you think this is a good start of lot of colours or have I missed...
  14. Maz101

    Bit of advice for Shellac colours

    Ok finally been able to order the shellac intro kit as back in stock (so excited) and I'm wondering which 6 colours would people recommend to go with the 4 it comes with. Cream Puff, Negligee, Wildfire, Fedora I have 24 mica colours but not the additives, so can change colours with these, so...
  15. Maz101

    Just booked my conversion course

    I'm all excited, booked my l&p conversion course, I use NSI which is good but going to convert to CND and then after will do the shellac course. :)
  16. Maz101

    Would you extend or wait

    I went to do a client last night a 16 year old and when I was chatting with her mum she asked could she have extentions, now her nails are good but one she shut in a door before summer school holidays, pressure was never released from the bruise but it was only a small bruise, it is now up by...
  17. Maz101

    Thought on this please

    I have a client who has ridges on all nails apart from her pinkies, both thumbs have tiny split in the centre of a very small free edge, they never ride up and have apparently done this for years, all normal to her minor skin complaint. She also has a skin condition that means l&p acrylic cant...