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    any ideas please

    hi , i have some client after care advice cards but they are stuffy and would like to make a new one .any one got any ideas and what would you suggest i write on it thanks lisaxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :D
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    northen lights

    can any monomer be used with northen light acrylic.can i use retention+.. it looks like a fab acrylic can't wait to try it xxxxxxxxxxxxx :green:
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    help ..i dont know what the hell i am doing or if maybe i am just in need of my holiday next week but i am doing something wrong with my acrylic.yes i have been working lots of silly hours trying to fit every one in but i always count my going going gone on my beads but i am getting like a...
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    can any one answer me please . a lady tech from norway came in to the salon the other day and while doing her nails asked why i has not used the acid free primer on her nails as she has been tought in norway to use it on all clients.i told her that i did not need to use a primer with retentinon+...
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    so out of it

    i am so out of all the new trainning and products .is it not poss to get some one to one at the show ........i think i'll spend my whole day at the creative stand picking every ones brains .i only have a few days in the u.k but next time i am over i will be doing some one to one .i so want to do...
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    i really need help pleasex

    please can some one help me ...i am trained with creative and live in spain but have now part ownership in skegness salon but i want to get better and do comps . i want more one to one training but need to know who to go to in the u.k. who would be the best . i will travel any where.. i really...
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    free samples

    just a bit of a though.. some companies use a point system like creative but instead of the money deducted from the bill the use it to send out samples that you can give to your clients. i don't mean to sound mean by not buying things and handing them out but it would be nice maybe having the...
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    i'm a master

    well just thought i would let you all know that after one long hard year of working my bum off and doing all the extra classes i could do and lots of one to one trainning ... with no confidence i passed my masters exam.. blinking heck...i'm so chuffed i had to share it. i passed last weekend...
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    bad day

    just writting to say what a bad day....it's been very quiet out here in the sun....not been around much as i been visiting england a lot going for checks and so forth and i feel like my clients are losing hope in me because i'm away so much..to make matters worse i have to go back to england...
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    happy birthday

    :P happy birthday may all you'r dreams come truexxxxxxxx
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    hope for all

    i have recently been diagnosed with systemic lupus.this is where the immune system attacks it's self.i often feel very tierd and have a lot of muscle ache and pains along with a few other things......i now find that my time has crept up alittle as i take it a little easier with filling.i know...
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    oh no.....

    :( i can't make the olympia show as flights are to expensive but i am planning on visiting about sep or oct time.are there any shows then.please inform me.i feel as though i will need to work hard now and make lots of money because i think i'll spend a lot of money.i have never been before to...
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    :oops: i oten read that every client should have a file/abbrasive[can't spell]just for them,i will own up and say i don't do this but i do sanitise them after every client with clori spray....i have read on some american sites that it is state requirement to do this.why is it not so important in...
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    thanks to you allxxxxxxx

    :oops: hi i thought i'd write in to let all the newish nail tech out there , like myself know that after reading some of the stuff on here, not to worry because we will be just as good as the techs on here and one day be quicker with our service.i love this site as i have only been doing nails...