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    Calling all Bio Sculpture geeks

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    Parafin Wax

    Hi, its been a while I have had quite a bit on but just needed to throw a question at ya all. Every time i do a parafin wax treatment i seem to have issues and its getting me down as the qualities to this treatment are vast but no good if you cant perform it fault free hey! The problems...
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    Calling all Bio Sculpture geeks

    Hi geeks, Does anyone do bio sculpture in Dorset need someone for tommorow Wednesday 11th october. There is someone coming down this end of the world for a holiday and she has not had chance yet to have her infills and is desperate to get them down whilst here, can anyone help this lady please...
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    Star Nail techs

    Hi Geeks, its been a while since in been here and boy have i missed it all, anyway I had a call today from a lady who lives in Blanford she is seeking a star nail tech that does gel, she claims it is the only product that suits her and she didnt not sound to keen on trying anything else. So I...
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    Therapists & Nail Techs in Brighton

    Hi, I had a client last week who lives in Brighton, she had a wedding here in Poole in Dorset and found me via the internet, however I did promise to do my best to gather some contacts for her in her own area as she is not sure where to go. So any nail techs and therapists in Brighton? if so...
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    Help nail systems going wrong

    Oh help peeps I am loosing the will to do nail extensions big time. I put a post up a short while ago about the problems I was having with Brisa gel, yes I followed the advice and they lasted a little longer but within a week they were pealing away again, it must be something I am not doing...
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    Brisa & nail art

    Hi everyone, thanks for the help with my brisa problems on my last thread. Athough I had been doing things as explained I tried again the other day on my own nails and so far so good but im only on the 2nd day as yet. Anyway my question is can you airbrush and then use the brisa gel over the...
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    Brisa gel problems

    Hi every one, its been a while since i last visited, had a lot to do. I bought the brisa gel kit last year just after the launch but since then on the occasions I have tried it, i have had no joy, I have watched the video inside out and followed step by step, i have also followed the advice of...
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    Taking Holidays

    Hi, I was thinking last night, yes I know a scary thought, and yes my brain was ticking loudly, lol, anyway was thinking about holidays and what everyone does. I am not about to take a holiday and have no money or reason to do so yet but just wondered what the procedure would be, for example...
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    having a down day

    Hi, I am having a real down day, where i feel nothing is going right, I have a few issues that I feel are just going round and round in my head so thought I would put the issue to you lot, as when ever i get a problem it is usually resolved here perfectly. Ok issue 1, Gel, my most fav system...
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    white clouds in my nails

    Hi there, Need some help as i am puzzled, I am new to p&w acrylic, I love gel and fabric, but have only ever done plain acrylic so p&w is something I have been playing with. Last night I had a go at sculpting p&w on my own nails, one was fine but the index and middle finger of my...
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    creative Manicure conversion

    Just wondered how the land lies with regards to the creative manicure and pedicure courses. I was keen to go forth and do the manicure conversion followed in future months by the pedicure, however it has been mentioned that you are not allowed to do this unless you have done the acrylic...
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    dont like the smell

    Hi again, yes I am on question day today, get little spurts of questions every now and then sorry. Ok the creative solar range, I have a small problem, although I like the products and am aware that they wprk as it is obvious from the cuticle oil and rapid growths from all whom have used...
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    opi fabric or creative fabric?

    Hi all, Just wondered what peeps felt about the differences between the new opi future wrap system and the creative fabric. I have the Creative fabric and have liked it, although the only bit that I find a pain in the ... is the last bit boost and activate bit, having to swirl the brush...
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    Hi there, Just got back from Olympia, bit sad did not have enough time to check out all the stands, nor did I get to see demos of the brisa or creative products it was so packed. Can any one tell me what they think of millenium products, i know a few have said there tips are ok...
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    charging for airbrush nails

    Hi, I have been doing airbrushed nails for a while and it seems very very popular however it was going fine with the charging until I hit a problem of late. I generaly charge £3.00 and colour, thinking most only have 2 colours good enough and no one has complained. The problem i have is...
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    Chemical Reactions Question

    HI, can any one put my mind at ease on a Question. What 2 products which when mixed, cause a chemical reaction to take place? Am i right in thinking this would be Liquid and powder because the powder reacts when the liquid mixes with it causing polymerisation. The other being perhaps...
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    Drugs and Extensions

    Hi, It is the mother-in-law saga again oooooow nooooooo, well ages ago i posted a topic about my mother-in-law and the problems i was having with her keeping her extensions on, since then I battled on with her and explained to her that it really did not help when i was just finishing the...
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    Which tip is best & which client form

    Hi, have managed to come up with more questions in my head that i do not seem to be able to solve. Firstly Nail tips, which ones are better for what, it all confuses me, is there any ruleing on which goes with which, Bitten nails for example is it better to use formation, velocity or what...
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    New client wanting acrylic

    Hi, well I have just booked in a new client, but i am really worried, I have not done an acrylic set of nails for an age, so used to doing gel my fav and fibreglass now that I have lost the art of acrylic I think and worst of all she wants pink and white ahhhh :rolleyes:. Ok so I am not CND...