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    Portable massage beds

    Can anyone recommend a good one?! I want it ideally as light as possible but sturdy and wide! So much on the internet!
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    Starting again and need advice

    Hiya I’m hopefully doing a henna brow course and I want to do Kim lawless wax course Then I want to do a lash lift course! Lol I’m a beauty therapist but had a break having babies. I need to get a room though, this is proving harder than I thought
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    Starting again and need advice

    Hi can’t really give you any advice as I’m at the beginning again lol constantly posting here. I’m doing the courses and looking for a room. Good luck
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    Renting advice?

    I am trying to get back into the beauty business again after having a break whilst having babies. I’d really like to rent somewhere but can’t find anywhere! Have you any advice on where the best place to look for places? I can only really looking for two days firstly but then more hours...
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    Lash lift course recommendation

    Hi I’m confused by all the different courses Why is LVL so much more expensive? What company do you all use?
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    Best courses!

    What’s been your best course that’s been brilliant training and beneficial after?! I’m just deciding where to go and what to do to help get back into the business!
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    Best professional henna brow products?

    Thanks, have sent an email
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    Best professional henna brow products?

    Thank you. Do you mean you will train advanced brow shaping techniques too?
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    PHD waxing

    Yeah didn’t mean the sticky bit lol
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    Best professional henna brow products?

    Can I have your course details please?
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    Best professional henna brow products?

    Thank you, I’m just getting back into it all and wondering which is the best treatments to train in! This looks good though expensive
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    Do you say something when you see genital warts on clients?

    Omg! So I was going to do intimate waxing with Kim lawless! Not sure I want to now lol
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    Best professional henna brow products?

    Sorry to butt in but what makes henna better than an ordinary Tint?
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    Organic fast tans?

    Thanks for samples! Am about to test them. :)
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    Organic fast tans?

    Do you do free samples?
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    Organic fast tans?

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    This sounds stupid but how do I send a pm on here?? Lol
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    Lash extensions recommendations

    Hi I’m the same as OP Iv just looked for LashAmore but can’t find?! You got a link?
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    Lash lift range

    What range do you use? I have no knowledge on this treatment but would like to know more. What ranges there are and what people think are the best. Looking for cruelty free, is that even a thing with this treatment?!