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    Does mobile work for you?

    Hi Many many years ago I was called out to a few houses as a mobile even though I worked from home and I very quickly realised a few things. 1). Packing everything I needed into the car then having to unpack it at the other end and set it all up, then take it all down and repack back into the...
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    Too long to heat up?

    Perhaps the temperature of the room? I always leave the lid on and it does cool down quite a bit when removed. Also the hive heaters have a standby setting which I’ve now somehow managed to do accidentally. The light is on but the heat switches off and it goes hard. Be careful if that. I do find...
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    Gel polish and dip powder

    Hi. Just curious to know as I don’t have a lot of experience in gel polish or dip powder. But when the clients nails reach that 3 week regrowth stage, do you remove the gel polish or dip powder and reapply fresh or do you just fill in the gap at the base where it’s grown?
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    Share your certificate wall

    I have mine all framed and up on one wall. A certificate wall if you will. I haven’t put every single cert up but I have the main ones plus those relevant to what I offer. I also have my Guild Memberships certs up there too. I think it looks more professional and business like.
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    Some info/guidance on running salon from home, council issues

    I thought the same. It will be because of the type of treatments you are doing that you would need a licence but I can’t see why you’d need planning permission if there’s no change being made to the room.
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    Small training classes

    Thank you! Good to hear. Can I ask if you have to pay any sort of fees / % of income taken from training to the Guild?
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    Small training classes

    [emoji112] hello. Just wondering if anyone knows if there is any stipulation on size of room for training purposes? I have a reasonable sized room but only big enough for training 2 students at any one time. Does anyone know if The Guild etc stipulate that you must have a certain size of space...
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    Some info/guidance on running salon from home, council issues

    I contacted my council who replied by email saying I didn’t need any licence at all. My mortgage company were fine too as I wasn’t using the majority of the house for business but just one small room.
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    How to become qualified as a beauty lecturer?

    You need the DET (Diploma in Education and Training) which is level 4 and 5. I did mine through Canterbury University but I stopped once I got to the CET (Certificate in Education and Training) which is higher than the AET (Award in Education and Training) but lower than the DET. If you only...
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    Paper panties or naked?

    I think I’ll be a bit of a mix. I can understand some clients might not like being naked or on all 4’s but also their ability to lift or raise a leg, roll in their side etc all comes into it. One size doesn’t fit all right enough.
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    Intimate 4 hot wax

    That’s interesting. Thank you.
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    Intimate 4 hot wax

    Does anyone else use Perron Rigot Intimate 4? It’s the light blue creamy hot wax. I’m finding it just keeps snapping and tearing. I’ve tried applying it thick but it still snaps and if I turn the heat up to thin it down then it’s too hot and still snaps. I’ve tried it several times now on myself...
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    Eyebrow tints

    I bought their light brown one. I have Ellisons own tint which I’m not finding to be too great on lashes. Wondering if I might just dump them and stock up on the other colours of refectocil.
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    Best/cheapest card payment machine?

    I have SumUp. It cost me £19 and there’s no contract. Just pay 2p in the £ (1.69% from memory) per transaction. Nothing else to pay.
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    Time to leave

    On the other hand the mortgage provider might say it makes no difference to them. It didn’t affect my mortgage and I didn’t need a licence of any sort by the council either.
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    Taking payments

    I’ve just started up and only had 4 clients and all 4 have wanted to pay by card, which I prefer too.
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    When to register as sole trader?

    That’s great. Thank you.
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    Metal spatulas

    Hi. I’m looking to purchase several metal spatulas for waxing and see they are available in straight edge or curved. Has anyone any recommendation on one or the other?
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    Paper panties or naked?

    Oh that’s a good idea to use a wax strip. [emoji106]
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    Paper panties or naked?

    Plus it goes to show, sometimes you don’t have a choice when deciding what position to put your client in. And sometime paper knickers could be handy and other times not. [emoji3]