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    Cheap Art Stockists Needed!

    I have loads of nail art stuff i am gunna sell, i was gunna put in on ebay but if ya interested let me know wot ya need and i will see wot i can do 4 ya. :green:
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    Minimum Call Out For Mobile?

    Hi there, I never thought about a minimum charge before, but ya hubby is right ! I dunno how much ya could charge but its worth thinking about. Sorry i havent really been much help.
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    web page

    Sorry, my fault, i am sooo dozey ! Thanks luckybird21 ! I have now corrected my web page address - www.freewebs.com/classynails Thanks Guys, Rachel
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    web page

    Hi Guys, I have just updated my web page, could a few of you check it out and let me know if i can improve it in any way, or let me know if i have made any errors ! www.freewebs.com/classynails Thanks Rachel xx
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    Can i put you on my link page please!

    Thanks guys you are all on my link page ! Anyone else wanting to go on there let me know ! Rachel www.freewebs.com/classynails
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    Can i put you on my link page please!

    Hi guys, Just a quickie, i have just created my own web page and would luv to add you guys to my links page, please email me if you want adding on. Please could you guys add me to your links page if poss ! www.freewebs.com/classynails cheers Rachel kiki_d39@fsmail.net
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    Millennium Tips?

    hi there, i have used millenium white tips, and gold tips and square tips, they are absolutely fantastic and i would recommend them to anyone. i have tried loads of different makes of white tips but ya just cant beat millenium. Rachel
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    gel over acrylic

    Hi, I was just wondering, has anyone ever applied acrylic nails and then applied gel as the top coat. If so does it work ? Rachel
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    My train was delayed too due to the winds on saturday, but no bova, i had a great time and shopped till i dropped ! Rachel
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    What did you buy

    oooohh i got loads a things, tips, gel, uv lamp, brushes, brochures, but my bestest buy was some coloured tips from pronails, i got black tips, pink tips and purple tips, they are great. I couldnt wait to get home to try them out and they look fantastic ! I had a great day, cant wait for the...
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    Advice needed, please !

    go for it, it sounds like a totally fantastic opportunity, im sure youll do just fine ! Rachel
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    coloured tips

    Hi everyone, I went to olympia yesterday and it was great, got loads of goodies. I brought some coloured tips from pronails, pink, purple and black, they are great, but i was just wondering have any of you guys used these tips before and are they best used with gel or acrylic ? Thanx Rachel
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    Infill help

    Thanks fiona, your information is much appreciated ! Rachel :green:
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    I would but i haven't figured out how to yet. :rolleyes: Rachel
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    Thanks Gigi, You've been a great help. Rachel
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    Hi there, Can anyone tell me exactly wot a drill does and wot are the good and bad points of using a drill because i really havent got a clue, also would it be worth me getting one, im still doing my college course. Thanx Rachel
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    Infill help

    Hi, Im new and dont really know wot im doing, but hey, ill have a go. I was just wondering if anyone could help me on a few of questions. How many infills would you recomend that a client could safely have ? Wot cud happen to the nail if a client didnt have a rest from artificial nails ? How...