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  1. melly07

    Lowest Cost and Highest profit?

    Hi guys, Just a question I was wondering from you salon and business ladies (and gents!) what have you found to have been the cheapest start up cost that makes the most profit? Or even the most expensive start up with the least profit? I ask for a few reasons but want to see what your answers...
  2. melly07

    New treatment menus...

    I'd really like to offer some diffrent types of manicures and pedicures to give clients some range but not really sure on how to go about it? Is it something that the product makers themselves tend to set? Like the CND Citrus and Spa range you could offer a citrus mani and a spa mani? My list...
  3. melly07

    How Long?

    I've just done a search but can't seem to find the answer I'm looking for. How long would you say a standard polish lasts? The reason I ask is for my manicure and pedicure after leaflets. But then it got me thinking that what if i put say a week and a clients only last a few days because they've...
  4. melly07

    A Guide to Spray Tanning...

    Recently there have been a lot of questions on the forums regarding spray tanning. Mostly asking the same questions So to save hassle for everyone I've devised a guide aimed at beginners looking to start out and newbies to salon geek who'd like to look into spray tanning. This list is not...
  5. melly07

    New routines

    I've been getting bored with my massage routine lately, it's the same from college and it just doesn't seem substantial enough for aching backs etc...can anyone recommend either a good site or some books where I can develop my routine and tailor to clients needs better?
  6. melly07

    Answering the telephone...

    Hi, I've put this in "biz" as I'm hoping they'll be a good response which people can learn from... Although it's not quite the same, today I rang up my dentist to book an appointment and the girl on the other end answered after quite a few rings with "*ABC" (obviously fake name) and my...
  7. melly07

    Prickly Heat & Spray Tans

    Hi, what advice would you give for someone wanting a spray tan with prickly heat? A no, avoid or it's ok it's a small area on the cheast and too one arm (inside elbow crease) Thanks guys not come actoss this one yet!
  8. melly07

    An idea for switching to OPI polish

    I use abit of mix of polishes when it comes to pedicures, but I'd like to stick to one, I love OPI think the colours are fab so want to switch to this however I struggle getting a bulk of money together to buy lots of polishes at once. So thinking that on my facebook I'll do a post to say "Hi...
  9. melly07

    Foundation mare

    Hi geeks, Can anyone please recommend a decent foundation suitable for oily skin (or even a primer or similar) nothing too expensive either... I find that whatever I use looks ok or good in the morning when I put it on, then the afternoon rolls round and my face is all shiny and my eyebrows and...
  10. melly07

    ASP L&P Monomer

    Bought one of their student kits (basicly for a play) to see whether I'd enjoy going into the more nail enhancment side of the biz, however their monomer stank! Do they all smell like this or just the cheaper systems? I know your all massivre CND fans already on here but was wondering about...
  11. melly07

    How would I create this best?

    I really love her hair my hair is about the same length but when ever I try to create the style (with straightners/curlers) it doesn't quite look right... any pointers?
  12. melly07

    Registering for fake bake?

    I can't seem to find where you register as a trade/pro on the fake bake website? I've been looking into adding spray tanning treatments in with my mobile manicures/pedicures...it's mostly going to be on family and friends to begin with so I can find which solution I'm most happy with and it's...
  13. melly07

    Advice wanted :cry:

    Hi guys I'm fairly new to this site but so far completely hooked and it's defintly been the place to answer lots of questions etc However I still have one major dilemma... After qualifiying with my NVQ2 &3 from college nearly 2years ago now I've really struggled in finding industry related...