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  1. bella bee

    Gelish close to this colour?

    My client is would like this for her nails but in gelish, I had looked at the swatches and on chickettes but can't find match for it, does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks
  2. bella bee

    Gelish Passion thick consistency

    I've have had gelish passion for a about 6 months now and feel it's consistency is bit thicker/gloopy than other colours I've got, is there something wrong with it or a way to thin it out?
  3. bella bee

    Waxing bag

    Hi. I'm starting waxing course next week and was wondering what kind/style of bag do you use to keep everything together? I've had look around at bags but not sure what would be suitable for waxing products. Thanks :-)
  4. bella bee

    Pregnancy massage

    Hi, my birthday is coming up soon and I've been looking about at night away and hotels with spa, I'm 14 weeks pregnant and thought of maybe getting pregnancy massage, there is few different ones to choose from either back, tummy, scalp, leg, wondering if any use had one and what thought and what...
  5. bella bee

    Very pale client, still no tan?

    I have a client who is very very pale, I have sprayed her few times and not much colour is showing up, we first used Santana medium 10% to see how colour would be with that, then used dark 12% still not much colour and white looking then I used a different brand 16% and still not much darker...
  6. bella bee

    Suntana After Dark?

    hi, has anyone tried the suntana after dark blackberry, i had used the dark tan chocolate on a friend but she said she would lke it to be darker and just wondered how the after dark turned out and did clients like it? thanks x
  7. bella bee

    Leighton Denny nail polish

    I flicked over to qvc last night as saw was about nail polishes and they were Leighton Denny, has anyone used them and what do you think of them, they had nice colours last nite and looked lovely on, wondered what were like as was thinking of maybe getting some? Thanks x
  8. bella bee

    Nsi attraction powders, difference between...

    Hi there, Im wondering if anyone has used both the purely pink and radiant pink powder and if the radiant is any darker than purely? I've only used purely pink and wondered what radiant was like before bought?thanks x
  9. bella bee

    Nailzone spray tanning

    hi there has anyone done the spray tanning course with nailzone and can give me any advice on how they got on with them, also do they supply equipment to use on day of training or do i have to take my own equipment? thanks
  10. bella bee

    gel or acrylic

    I already do acrylic nails and wondering whether to also do gel to add to ma list as extra option but was wondering how popular gel was as when been doing nails i haven't been getting asked for gels or if can do. im not sure what to do and do course and buy kit if its not going to get used much...
  11. bella bee

    Ideas while soaking off nails

    hi, i have a client tonight that is wanting her nails soaked off and another set put on. she had them done by another technician and has had them on for about 4-5 weeks and would like new set. this is my 1st soak off client as others have come with natural nails ready to do enhancements, i am...
  12. bella bee

    cluster lash glue

    hi, im wondering what u geeks use for the glue, at the moment i have been using tin foil but was wondering if there is anything else that would make the glue last a bit longer and look better also. thanks :)
  13. bella bee

    Strip lashes for wedding

    i have a client that would like strip lashes for her wedding next week, i have been looking at the ardell range as have used couple of them before for party nites but not sure what one to use for bride, is there any other brands and styles that u would recommend that would use for bride and...
  14. bella bee

    French manicure polish

    I have nails to do next week for a wedding and she would like french manicure. I was wondering what polish use geeks use thats good and no chips, at the moment ive got for the white, opi 'alpine snow' and for the pink or peach, ive got opi 'ill take the cake' and opi 'passion'. im thinking maybe...
  15. bella bee

    Damaged nail, trendy nail wraps

    hi, my friend has damaged her nail by jamming it in car door, the nail is bruised under nail bed and she is goin on holiday end next month and wants to cover it, would trendy nail wraps be ok to put on the nail or any ideas that could do to cover it? :)thanks xx
  16. bella bee

    cluster lashes

    I have a client that would like cluster lashes for goin away on few days holiday, how would these last under water, swimming etc, would they be ok or fall off? thanks x
  17. bella bee

    Acrylic powder

    When doing french tips with acrylic l&p, which colour powder do u use as when I use pink it looks better than when use white powder.cheers :-) x
  18. bella bee

    Mercia acrylic liquid

    Can anyone help me with where i can still buy mercia products, dont have much liquid left n need to buy more,i know this brand is discontinued but wondered if can still buy from somewhere,beauty express have some products but not the liquid,any help would be appreciated thanks :-) x
  19. bella bee

    Top Coat

    can anyone recommend a good top coat that doesnt dull rhinestones or swarovski gems on nails?thanks x
  20. bella bee

    Acrylic nail kit

    hi, im starting artificial nail course in january and looking about the now but not sure what ones to go for,looking for a kit that is reasonable priced and has what would need for college, any suggestions would be appreciated:) thanks x