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  1. squidgernetball

    Offering makeup as a service but not bridal?

    Hi @Passionate we stopped offering bridal about 18 months ago. Most brides want you to come to them whereas most other make ups are happy to come to you. We still do a fair bit of make up and retail a lot as well and none of the hassle. Vic x
  2. squidgernetball

    Students opinions home salons

    I think the point is that you are led to believe that they are a woman - a Catfish!
  3. squidgernetball

    Lash extensions & makeup wipes?

    Just don't use wipes, they're hideous x
  4. squidgernetball

    Wedding makeup deposits

    Don't have the trial too far in advance because I've had brides forget and want a second trial. I used to do the following. They ask if I'm available for their wedding and we book that and the trial in. When I did the trial, I charged them £50 (this was for my time and their deposit). If they...
  5. squidgernetball

    Aesthetic questions re: qualifications?

    I'm doing a level 4 in peels and Microneedling with Sally Durant. Its not cheap but great course content. There is also one available with the Harley Medical Group but I haven't looked at it. These are both recognised by the JCCP which may or may not have influence over who can do what in this...
  6. squidgernetball

    BB glow training course - is it worth it?

    When are you doing the environ training x
  7. squidgernetball

    Good value professional chemical peel range

    @jennyr I teach and supply for a skincare range called Dermogenera. We provide a small collection of results driven peels with a low opening order that includes training. Are the range you trained with not available to buy? Please PM me if you'd like more info. Vic x
  8. squidgernetball

    BB glow training course - is it worth it?

    Can I ask who this training is with x
  9. squidgernetball

    Most profitable treatments

    We do whatever is needed. I have a few machines and they're all booked out to ensure the client gets the pick of them. I tend to always use my Dermalux machine and my environ machine x
  10. squidgernetball

    Looking for skincare range with glycolic peels

    I supply Dermogenera, a salon only skincare range with glycolic peels but I'm afraid we have a training day with an opening order (although the price is very reasonable) Are you sure it's not worth trying to make the range you have work? Not everybody searches online and many want to walk away...
  11. squidgernetball

    Cancellation policy - advice

    With ovatu you can charge a booking fee (not a deposit as they are legally refundable) or the full amount. You can charge on some treatments or all of them, it's totally flexible. You need your ts and cs in place obviously x
  12. squidgernetball

    Scheduling software?

    Ovatu. £15 per month for a sole worker. We now have 5 workers for about £45pm. Clients love the online booking system and find it very easy to use x
  13. squidgernetball

    Cancellation policy - advice

    @riva they're just well trained. I've had one book online after not turning up 6 months before. We noted it all on our booking system at the time. She booked online and I emailed her and told her she owed £60 from her appt 6 months before and I wanted advance payment in case she didn't turn up...
  14. squidgernetball

    Credit card payments

    We take anything and everything, including Amex. We have clients who buy all their skincare from us because we take Amex! Many clients use credit cards all month and pay it off so saying no wouldn't occur to me x
  15. squidgernetball

    Cancellation policy - advice

    We charge clients 50% if they cancel with less than 24 hours notice. Our clients offer to pay it. If they don't they don't come back. It rarely happens fortunately x
  16. squidgernetball

    Does anyone own this machine?

    I would not use a machine from eBay. You have no guarantees of the quality or reliability of it and probably wouldn't be insured. Vic x
  17. squidgernetball

    Glycolic Peel

    Can I ask why you need it in bulk for salon use? I distribute for Dermogenera products and we have a 20% and a 30% glycolic but not a 10% (you'd need to train with us as well) Vic x
  18. squidgernetball

    Renting my beauty room

    You don't have to have one as long as you're declaring the earnings, but it's good practise. Simply stating the rent, what days, what's included, notice period and so on. Vic x
  19. squidgernetball

    Increasing prices when you're charging 40% below industry averages?

    Have you visited other salons in the area? Is anyone charging much more than you? Are they busy? If it's just nails, it's tough. We are predominantly skin and a lot of clients cross over. I don't think there is a huge amount of money to be made in just nails. Regarding increasing your prices, I...
  20. squidgernetball

    Clinical waste sharps containers

    We use SRCL x