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  1. Haircutz

    Little details about having a self employed therapist

    It sounds like you want someone to take on your clients when you are fully booked but to have any control at all, you must employ them. Otherwise, they automatically become the clients of the other business owner. Could you employ someone on a part-time basis initially? If you just want to...
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    Little details about having a self employed therapist

    Having a written contract setting out the terms of the rental agreement is always an excellent idea but it needs to be drawn up properly, preferably by someone expert within the field. If the salon owner tries to add terms that in any way impede the ability of the self employed...
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    Little details about having a self employed therapist

    Sounds like the salon owner wanted an extra pair of hands but wasn’t willing to risk employing someone. If HMRC were to investigate that set-up, I wouldn’t be surprised if they declared it a sham employment arrangement which she can be prosecuted for. Also, your appointments shouldn’t be via the...
  4. Haircutz

    Finding a chair to rent

    Realistically, I would expect most salon owners to need a regular commitment as they’ve still got bills to pay each week/month. Also, assuming they initially agreed, you risk losing it at short notice if someone else comes along in a couple of months time with a better offer.
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    Offering blow dry but not a hairdresser?

    Why not? I think a lot of staff who work at blow dry bars based in cities are not qualified hairdressers. However, you do need to understand about different hair types and choosing the right products to ensure the hairstyle lasts well. It’s not uncommon for people with an interest in make-up...
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    Mixing different brand of peroxide and tint

    Ah, in that case, I wouldn’t mix two different brown tint systems.
  7. Haircutz

    Mixing different brand of peroxide and tint

    It will probably be ok but you can’t guarantee the results and longevity of the colour. Also, you need to be honest with your clients if you’re charging for a pro brand colour. To compare: if you booked a decorator in to paint your living room and chose a colour from the Farrow & Ball range...
  8. Haircutz

    Qualifications needed for 1-2-1's & workshops

    1. Check with your insurer. 2. Depends on whether you want to offer an approved/accredited qualification or 3. Offer guidance to students who need to practice their skills. In which case, no teaching quals required.
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    Client colour reaction

    I haven’t used matrix for years so I can’t really comment on the difference in chemicals used by the two companies. However, if you performed skin tests using Wella, I suspect that the new clients would still react anyway. I think that in general, more people are beginning to react to the...
  10. Haircutz

    White roots

    If she’s been very light blonde for a while, I’d be cautious about adding too much gold as she might look at it and ‘see brassy tones’ or even think she’s ginger. :rolleyes:
  11. Haircutz

    Home colour hell

    Sounds a good plan. If there’s not much natural root showing, you’re better off going very slightly lighter than her natural and smudging it so when her hair grows, there’s not such an obvious dark line between her colour and her roots and it continues the ombré look.
  12. Haircutz

    Advice on which semi permanent colour to cover grey

    A semi won't last 12 washes because the colour molecules sit on the outside of the cuticle scales so will wash out within half that time so I think she’s confusing a semi with a demi/quasi. As @ronray says, a demi will be much better but but it depends on the percentage of grey and whether they...
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    Haircut not good!

    I think it all depends on whether I want her back as a client and what her attitude towards me was like. If she was pleasant but adamant about the cut, fine, but if she was rude and demanding, she can go elsewhere. So depending on her attitude, I might offer a re-do at a push, but probably not a...
  14. Haircutz

    Pastel hair

    You can generally take any purple based direct dye and pastelize it by mixing it with white conditioner. Manic Panic do a pale lavender but I think there’s a danger they can look more grey than purple.
  15. Haircutz

    Pastel hair

    Did you tone to neutralise the yellow first before applying the lavender?
  16. Haircutz

    Best bleach?

    The poster is based in the States so different rules apply.
  17. Haircutz

    77/0 went grey

    77/0 is only meant for coarse resistant white hair and if she’s recently had 2 perms, it’s the equivalent of pre-softening, so you’ve over done it.
  18. Haircutz

    Best bleach?

    There are only 10 natural levels so by definition, it can’t lift 11 levels. That’s just advertising puff.
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    Qualifications advice

    If you intend making your career in beauty services, then I think it makes more sense to gain an industry approved and nationally recognised qualification rather than rely entirely on short courses. Also, if you ever need to find salon employment, they will generally require a minimum of a...
  20. Haircutz

    Start up help with funding

    The OP is based in the UK so this doesn’t apply outside of the US.