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    Is there a way to reduce fumes?

    one to one conversations should be kept private in a pm please.
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    How to become a nurse?

    No that wouldn’t be enough. Each university has its own entry requirements and specified UCAS points which can be made up from A levels, Access courses etc. Look at the universities you would be interested in and check their requirements. The nursing degree is a 3 year full time course or there...
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    Gel polish with silk wraps?

    Yes you can. Finish file with a 180 grit and apply your gel polish. You won’t need a base coat.
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    Paper panties or naked?

    On their side. All fours makes it easier for us but very undignified for the client.
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    Nail art ruining my business

    Have you thought about investing in the specialist nail art training? You’ll be taught techniques which will make it easier for you.
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    Help for a beginner

    Hi what did you use on training?
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    Paper panties or naked?

    I let the client choose. I can work around paper pants if required and for me client comfort is paramount not my convenience.
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    Help with qualifications

    If you’re looking to be employed most employers want NVQ 3 VTCT Beauty therapy. Most local colleges offer this and as a mature student you may be able to get finance to cover the course costs. You won’t need to get work experience while studying unless of course you wanted to. The qualification...
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    Sculpting acrylic nail using a magnifying LED lamp

    If you’re still struggling to see close up go back to your opticians. I have a pair of specs prescribed solely for doing nails, they’re perfect but so strong I can’t even walk with them on without feeling giddy lol They stay on my nail desk and are never moved.
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    CJP & dipping systems

    Tip and dip has been around for very, many years and is far from being a new way of doing things. It is however, seeing something of a revival with a handful of companies now promoting it. Personally, as Ciderella says, I think standard L&P application can’t be beaten from strength, beauty and...
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    Haircuts for homeless?

    I’m not a hair dresser but wanted to say well done! Very worthy cause :)
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    IBX nail treatment?

    Excellent product. You can also buy it in Sally’s or Salon Services.
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    Acrylic nails on a boy?

    This thread is over 4 years old now and the OP hasn’t visited the site for over 6 months.
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    Replacement certificate

    How about contacting CIBTAC and requesting replacements. They will probably charge but at least you’ll have them then.
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    Hot stones

    If you already have your level 3 A&P and are qualified in massage you can do a day course. I did my hot stone with Gateway.
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    Legal requirement to patch test wax 24 hours before an appointment?

    It’s not about whether it’s a legal requirement or not but whether it’s a requirement of your insurance. If they state you need to then you’ll have to do it. Or your insurance may state that you have to follow manufacturers instructions, so if they state 24 hour testing then you’ll have to it.
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    Aesthetic Practitioner looking for salons in Bristol/Somerset/Devon/Dorset

    If anyone is interested please contact the poster directly.
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    Do I close or is this how bitter our industry is?

    Moderator note: I’ve had to delete the photos which showed your clients face as she could be identified from them and you don’t have her permission to share them on this site.
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    Nail technician

    You must have a qualification which is recognised by insurers. In order to charge clients you will also need public liability insurance.
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    Falling out of love with Gelish!

    The OPs question has been lost amongst this bickering. Please remember we are all entitled to have our own opinion, and we’re allowed to have different opinions. That’s ok! The wonderful thing about our industry is that there are many top quality, professional brands available to us. Variety...