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  1. AmeliaR

    Calling all SPM ladies

    I'm looking into SPM and I'm just after a little advice from those of you than offer clinics within other salon. As I'm from a nail/beauty background I'm not really sure how it works. Do you usually just pay for a day of hiring out the room is so what arrange cost? Or does the salon get % per...
  2. AmeliaR

    Online shop

    Do you have an online shop attached to your salons website? I'm thinking of adding this to my website or setting up a new website as everyone seems to online shop today! Which website provider would you recommend and do you find you get many sales? I stock Dermalogica so think this would be...
  3. AmeliaR

    Sweet Squared Ruby Ritz event on Monday, who's going?

    Soooooooo who's going to the Ruby Ritz event at S2 on Monday????? I WILL!!!
  4. AmeliaR

    Eblast email marketing which company to use?

    I remember reading a thread maybe a year ago about a website that you could use for free to eblast your clients? Does anyone know the name or know something similar? Thanks
  5. AmeliaR

    Fake Bake 60 mins tan.. overnight ..help!

    Soo I've just put my tan on and half way thorough realised I've put the fake bake 60 min tan on :( Does anyone know what will happen if I sleep in it?? Will I wake up streaky and orange? If so ill have to set my alarm for 12 to get up to shower it off :(
  6. AmeliaR

    Hair feathers - where do you buy yours?

    Hey geeks I'm looking for a supplier for hair feathers I've been searching and want ones with a few feathers in one bond and that are quite long! And don't want to pay a fortune for them, any help would be great!! Thanks
  7. AmeliaR

    StylFile The S-File from The Apprentice

    Has anyone seen the new Styl File from last seasons Apprentice! I saw it in my Salons direct catalogue they retail at around £5 but they are also stocked in Boots etc so is not a professional only products? Do you think you are going to sell well in salon? i think clients will look at then...
  8. AmeliaR

    Nouveau Blink and Go changed names?? :S

    Has nouvea changed the name of the blink and Go to Lets go ?? I was looking on there website i was like ohh whats that! and then i couldn't find blink and go anymore :S Strange
  9. AmeliaR

    Ilah Semi Permanent mineral brow powder?

    has anyone come across this brand or used it before i saw it advertised in PB magazine looked on there website and not to sure what to think? it says its semi permanent but only lasts a day! have any geeks used it?
  10. AmeliaR

    Which electrcial facial machine could you not live without?

    Soooo Geeks.... I'm wanting to and something extra to my facial services, i currently use Dermalogica and no machines! i want something thats going to actually make a difference! I'm NVQ L3 train so have used galvanic high frequency etc but only at college but didn't really see any...
  11. AmeliaR

    Dermalogica WILL sell online!

    My rep came in today to see me, she told me they had there big meeting and had lots of new news! The main bit of info was that in the new year Dermalogica WILL sell retail products at RRP on line, she also said that is it possible that they will make the rest of the on line retails sell at...
  12. AmeliaR

    LVL Lash treatment

    Do any of you offer the LVL last treatment? I was thinking about doing semi permanent mascara but after not hearing good review i was thinking about other options! How long do you find the LVL treatment last? Also what do you charge? on the website and it say to charge from £40-£70!! is...
  13. AmeliaR

    Shellac Nail art with Nail Foil

    So are we all loving rock stars?? Something similar and not as messy! ... Nail foils! Yes the ones from the 90's that lasted about 2 hours? will now last as long as your Shellac woohoo! So were do you get your foils from? id used of cuts from Glitzy lip (do a search if haven't here of...
  14. AmeliaR

    Shellac - Lace

    Shellac Lace! Perfect to go with your Summer Dresses! 1. Apply CND Shellac UV Base coat to perfectly PEP'ed Nails 2. I found a image of lace on line to help me out but if a client or yourself have a lace dress or top you could use the patten as inspiration for your design! 3. Using Iced...
  15. AmeliaR

    Dermalogica NEW Ultra calming lids!

    on the new ultra calming collection does anyone els find the new caps on barrier repair and the new serum seem to collect product in them and has anyone found a trick to stop it happening? xx
  16. AmeliaR

    dermalogica account holder! What % VAT are you been charged?

    Hi guyy! i just wondered if i was making this up or if i really did get told it! when i opened my account at the beginning of the year my rep told me that dermalogica would absorb the VAT increase and we would still be charged 17.5% VAT but on my last 2 orders ive been charged 20% VAT and...
  17. AmeliaR

    google ads? what are your view? is it worth it?

    Evening All! just wanted to know if you've done a google ad? did u much response? or a waist of money? i got sent a £75 voucher for free advertising and wanted to know if i should even bother or if i would get any response from it as I'm not a high street salon Thanks for viewing and any...
  18. AmeliaR

    Is it cheating or just being clever?

    i when to a christening today and 2 of my family friends had there nail done by one of there friends that was training and they did look good butt... one of them was french but had a black smile line then went to white then had a black star on the end! my first thought was ohh wow there...
  19. AmeliaR

    Can you get glow-in-the-dark nail polish?

    i have done a search but couldnt find a thread on it so forgive me if there is one. does anyone know of a glow in the dark nail polish i have a UV glow one but would really like glow in the dark! A good quality one though as the only place ive ever seen it is at tesco at Halloween and it was...