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  1. VanessaB

    Perron Rigot consistency help!

    Hi guys! Im looking for some help on the temperature and consistency of the Cristel Ocean and Euroblonde waxes. I have been trying a few different brands and I can't seem to get the temperature right of these particular waxes. I use the heaters from Sallys, a 1000c for the strip wax and the...
  2. VanessaB

    Monu at Home

    Hi! Does anyone know if Monu still offering their products via a home selling party programme? The website is closed so wasn't sure what was going on and of course they're closed today and Im dying to find out! Im looking to take on a facial brand for the first time and really liked the...
  3. VanessaB

    Waxing problem areas

    Need some help please! I have waxed a lady who had strong hairs from the belly down to the toes. I found it really tricky as Im new to waxing and I felt that I could have done a much better job. My main problem was that the thigh areas were very wobbly (although she wasn't fat) and I...
  4. VanessaB

    Amanda's Hair on Britian's Got Talent?

    Hi everyone I'm just popping over the nail geek forum to ask how they think Amanda Holden has styled her hair on tonight's final for bgt. I'm not a hairdresser but I love her style tonight and would love to try and recreate it! Do you think it's tongs or rollers or something else? Any help...
  5. VanessaB

    Amanda's Hair on Britian's Got Talent?

  6. VanessaB

    Perron Rigot or Adam and Eve Wax?

    Hi! Im doing my training in waxing at the beginning of June and Im just loping into which wax brand to invest in. I was originally just going to go for a Sallys kit for about £60 but think its false economy maybe if I want to upgrade in the future. So Im going to go for one of these...
  7. VanessaB

    White eyebrow hairs

    Can anyone advise what to do about tinting white eyebrow hairs? I did my aunties the other day but the Hairwell dye didn't take at all. I know they're more resistant but am I right in thinking theres not much that can be done about it? Any help would be great!
  8. VanessaB

    70/30 split

    Hi everyone, Just a quick question. When you rent space in a salon on a split commission basis, is the split made from the treatment price you charge to the customer or after the cost price of the treatment? I'm thinking it's the former but thought I'd double check! Thanks in advance x
  9. VanessaB

    LVL Lashes, cost per service vs how much you charge

    Hi everyone, Im doing the LVL Lashes course next week and am looking at costings etc. My question is the recommended customer charge is £49 with a cost per service of £xx. Im in the southwest and I can't really see people paying £49. I just wonder what other therapists views are on this...
  10. VanessaB

    Approaching a salon to set up HD Brows

    Hi there! Looking for some advice if possible? Im about to do my HD Brows training and would like to approach some local hair dressing or beauty salons in order to launch my treatment. Can anyone advise how they would word it? Email or telephone as a preference? As a salon owner how would...
  11. VanessaB

    HD Brow Tech looking for Salon Space

    Hi, Im looking to rent a suitable chair or small room in a salon in order to launch my HD Brows business in Plymouth. Can be any area within a 20 mile radius of Plymouth. Thanks x
  12. VanessaB

    Technique for bitten nails

    Anyone seen this as a technique? How to Apply Acrylic Nails on Short Bitten Nails Tutorial Video by Naio Nails - YouTube Im not sure about it all x
  13. VanessaB

    CND Distributors

    Been away from nails and now I'm back I see that there lots of companies selling CND. I thought Designer Nails/Sweet Squared had sole right to do this? It was a long time ago mind! I'm just wondering where to get my products from as I order from S2 but if on the odd occasion I might need...
  14. VanessaB

    Older grey CND lamp

    Will this lamp cure Shellac? I have one that I've unpacked from storage. Going to replace the bulbs but won't if it doesn't work with shellac! Any advice would be appreciated x
  15. VanessaB

    First set in 5+ years!

    First in a long time. Used Performance tips with a pink overlay (wasn't brave enough for pink and whites!). Had a real problem trying to get the shape right and uniform across all the nails. Ive never found square or squoval easy! Any feedback is welcome as I know techniques change and...
  16. VanessaB

    Clarins job interview

    Hey there! Ive just had a telephone interview with Clarins and they've invited me back for a face to face next week. Id love to clear a few things up if anyone can help? My questions are as follows 1. Will they ask me to sell a pen or something at the interview? 2. What sort of...
  17. VanessaB

    Nail Biter with 2-4mms of nail bed

    Hi everyone! Would like to know if it is even worth attemping this friend of mine who has THE shortest nails I've EVER seen! She really has only 2-4mm of nail bed on each finger but she is willing to be my model and I cant help thinking that if I can do her nails then I will never fear...
  18. VanessaB

    ONLINE Nail Services NVQ

    Just been having a look at the Learn Direct website and I came across this website which offers the Nail Services NVQ Level 2 course online with practical assessments days. It also offers Beauty Therapy etc. Has anyone any experience of this company? Its quite expensive but I would love...
  19. VanessaB

    Mehaz Triple Cut Tip Cutters

    Spent a fortune on Mehaz Triple Cut Tip Cutters but now they are dull. Can anyone tell me where I can get replacement blades? Thank You
  20. VanessaB

    Brisa Removal followed by L&P overlay

    I have a cleint who has been wearing Brisa for about a month and a half as a natural nail overlay. She would now like it removed and have the L&P pink and white put on instead. She always gets seperation at the free edge on a couple of her nails despite my careful application and the...