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  1. Heidi 101

    How to make my room look professional

    Hi, I have my very first paying client booked on Monday. I am planning on being mobile, however the client would like to have the gel polish done to fingers and toes at my house, which is fine as it will just be me at home. I attach pictures of my room, we have just decorated it but not...
  2. Heidi 101

    Pricing of removing gel polish - separate or in gel application price?

    Hi all, I'm going to be setting up pricing of gel polish. I can't decided whether to incorporate the removal cost in the gel polish price or separate. So for a price example do people charge £22 (including removing) or £18 plus £4 of removal of gel? I can't decide what would work best. Thanks
  3. Heidi 101

    Starting mobile - what colour Gelish to get

    Hi Salon geeks, I'm booked to do training with nail harmony,and will be doing mani, pedi and gelish in a few weeks time and have been looking at what colours to start of with and how many. i keep looking at the colours online but just can't decide what to order as I pick the colours I like...