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    Unusual nail art more Pics!!

    Hi You guys hate my work so much ui'm not sure what to expect, or if you ever gonna start to like it!! http://www.salongeek.com/members/tayviarn-albums-my+nail+art-picture9183-pink-white-extra-long.jpg...
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    Client I did over the weekend pic

    Just thought to share a pic with you all. http://www.salongeek.com/members/tayviarn-albums-my+nail+art-picture9161-6.jpg
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    pink & white pic

    Hi the 2nd picture is a darker version hope you can see more clearly. http://www.salongeek.com/members/tayviarn-albums-my+nail+art-picture8436-picture-098.jpg http://www.salongeek.com/members/tayviarn-albums-my+nail+art-picture8434-picture-100.jpg
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    My first attempt at pink & white

    Hi Ladies & Gents Just wanted to share my 1st set of pink and whites with you all. I was trying to get a curvy thickish look, that's how i like them. I am guite pleased with them but have spoted lots of room for improvement. Let me know what you al think. Thanks.:rolleyes...
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    My fist attempt at fantasy nail art

    Hi Ladies & Gents I recently whent on a nail course. I t was really good defo learnt new tricks and skills. Have a look at my creations and let me know what you think. They are all done using Coloured Acrylic...
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    Real seashells in the nails (look)

    Hi Ladies & Gents Just wondering if yall can help me out. I have seen lots of nails like this (pic attached click on the link i was having trouble uploading this) and have been looking for these shells everywhere. I have purshased some on ebay but they are quite big more for 3d. Do you...
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    Sam Biddle Inspirational Work Shop

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    Sam Biddle Inspirational Work Shop

    Hi Ladies Is anyone going to the Sam Biddle workshop in Milton Keynes on Sunday 21st September. I have got my ticket, I'm so excited. Bianca
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    Please please help me..nail art courses

    I have Written so many times and no one seems to be taking any notice of me. I am a nail tech and am interested in learning more. I Particullay want to be tought the proper way of doing the nail art painting (the ones with acrylic paint pictured in the nail art gallery) i mostly see coulour...
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    Acrylic paint on nails

    :lol:Hi Ladies, Dose any one know where i could purshase an instructional dvd online for painting flowers the ones with the acrylic paint when you apply two colours to the prush i think it is called onstroke painting. I have checked ebay and nailtech pr but they are not in english. Any...